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Mathias Kristiansen

Beathe Pedersdtr. Kirkeby 71,75,76,218,227,228,229,230

  • Born: 27 Aug 1848, Næs, Hedmark, Norway 76,222,228,230
  • Christened: 26 Nov 1848, Næs, Hedmark, Norway
  • Marriage: Mathias Kristiansen on 6 Aug 1872 in Næs, Hedmark, Norway 211,212
  • Died: 7 Jan 1925, Onalaska twp, La Crosse, Wisconsin aged 76 73,229
  • Buried: 12 Jan 1925, Halfway Creek, Onalaska twp, LaCrosse County, Wisconsin 73,226

bullet  General Notes:

page 451 of the emigration book called "Utvandringen til Amerika" which shows the emigration of Beate Larsdtr. Kirkeby, married, age 32, the (antagelig) wife of Mathias Kristiansen, Markestadeie, V. Toten, som må være utv. før (who came earlier)) with family of Peder age 11, Kristian age 7 1/2, Maurits born 1874, Marie born 1878 and Malla born 1880 , on the same boat as previous entry (S/S Angelo, 6th of May) to La Crosse.

note: The name shown for Beate here was Beate Larsdtr. Kirkeby which is a puzzle since I am fairly confident in my researching that Beate was actually Beate Pedersdtr. as per her marriage record to Mathias Christiansen in 1872. (Beathe Pedersdtr. age 24, the daughter of Peder Johannesen. ) jca

note: the S/S Angelo: 1,536 gross weight, built in 1874 in Hull, England at Humphrey & Pearson, Wilson Line , Hull, England. 258.8ft x 33.6ft x 18.2ft . The Wilson Line of Hull, departed Christiana (Oslo) every second Friday evening for Christiansand and then on to Hull, Yorkshire, England and records ( show a sailing of the S/S ANGELO that left Christiana for Hull on May 6th, 1881) jca

note: Hull, Yorkshire is on the East coast of England , only a train ride across to Liverpool where there were ships leaving England for N. America .. jca

extract from ""
The Cunard Line was one of the first British transatlantic companies to establish their network of agents all over Norway. The general agent was located in Christiania. Between 1884 and 1885 the name of the general agent was M. A. Lea, from 1888 to 1892 it was F. H. Blichfeldt, and from 1892 to 1925 it was M. R. Raffel. In towns like Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim there were head agents, controlling a network of sub agents which operated in the surrounding areas. The first head agent in Trondheim was Carl Bauman from (1871 to 1872), then Stene & Co. acted as head agent from 1873, and from 1879 Wallin, from 1886 A. Dahl.
The Cunard Line never had direct sailing between Norway and North American harbors. Their transatlantic ships departed from Liverpool and their main destinations were Boston and New York. Norwegians who bought their tickets to travel on the Cunard Line steamers, had to travel to via Britain. The most common way to go was by a Wilson Line steamer from Norway to Hull in England. From Hull they would travel by train to Liverpool. In Liverpool they would some times have to stay for a couple of days. There were several hotels and boarding houses that was operated by the different transatlantic companies in Liverpool.


Document from Orville and Louise Larson, of Sunnyvale California, received by James C. Anderson of Kelowna B.C. about 1980. (approximate date) (Orville Larson is the son of Marie Christiansen (b. June 12, 1878), and Christian O. Larson (b. Feb 27, 1867)


Mathias and Beathe Christiansen came across from Norway March 14, 1881 . Cost $135.60 Cunard Steerage Passage, Liverpool to New York. Children included were Pete, Christian, Maurits, Marie and Malla.

Name Fodt (Born) Dode (Died)

Mathias Christiansen March 14, 1845 Nov 22, 1909
Beathe Aug 22, 1848 Jan 7, 1925

Children were:

Pete Jan 19, 1870 June 12, 1948
Christian Sept. 21, 1872 March 24, 1961
Maurits Oct 24, 1874 Aug 7, 1908 (bachelor)
Marie June 12, 1878 July 27, 1954
Malla May 10, 1880 July 7, 1881 (died on ocean)
Malla Oct 5, 1882 Aug 10, 1964
Olga Josephine March 16, 1885 July 21, 1905 (not married)
Olmar Berthinius Jan 21, 1887 Sept 10, 1934 (bachelor)
Nina Augusta Aug 21, 1889 July 18, 1913
Agnes Mathilda April 4, 1891 Nov. 15, 1964

Pete and Christian took the name of Granum.

followed by 1 1/2 pages of family data for each of the above starting with Pete Granum and ending with Agnes Mathilda..
A copy of this family data held by James C. Anderson of Kelowna B.C.

(note .. perhaps Beathe and the children came a bit later.. since it was believed that Malla the first died on the ocean coming over.. which would make for a July voyage??... did Malla really die during the voyage or did she die in America ?? .jca).

According to page 451 of the book Utvandrigen til Amerika, Beathe and the children departed Norway on the "Angelo", the 6th of May, 1881. This checks with the departure of the ship "Angelo" to Hull, Yorkshire, where the connection could be made from Liverpool to New York.

The web site indicates that steerage passage could be had to America for about $35-$45 US, so the cost of $135.60 that the Christiansen family indicated sounds like the total cost of one adult and her five Norwegian born children. It appears that passage for a child would cost much less than for an adult.

The currently available records for Cunard Line departures from Liverpool to New York indicate the possibility of:
1. S/S Parthia , departed Liverpool May 7, 1881 , arrived New York, May 18, 1881 (too early for the connection from Christiana ?)
Nov 22, 2004, examined the 22 pages of passenger list for this voyage and did not locate the Christiansen family.. jca

2. S/S Samaria, departed Liverpool May 14, 1881, arrived New York, May 26, 1881
Nov 22, 2004, examined the Steamer Samaria passenger list for this May voyage.. (
pages 9-14 contain immigrants from Norway. The family of Beathe Christiansen with her children were not on this passenger list. jca

3. S/S Gallia, departed Liverpool, Mar 21, 1881, arrived New York, May 30, 1881
Nov 22, 2004, examined the passenger list of the Steamer Gallia, arived New York, signed off May 31, 1881. No Norwegian passengers listed on the 7 pages of passenger manisfest.

4. S/S Gallia, departed Liverpool June 25, 188, arrived New York, July 4, 1881. 8 pages of passengers. No Norwegians on the New York passenger list.

5. S/S Algeria, departed Liverpool July 9, 1881 , arrived New York July 21, 1881. 5 pages passengers, no Norwegians.

6, S/S Marathon, departed Liverpool, May 21, 1881 arrived New York, June 2, 1881, 11 pages passengers, lots of Norwegians, but not our family.

7, S/S Marathon, departed Liverpool, June 29, arrived Boston, July 11, 1881, so far the passenger list for this voyage not yet located on

As of Nov 2004, my bet is on the S/S Samaria on May 14th, 1881, due to the need for a few days of travel to get from Norway to Hull and then by train to Liverpool to await the ships departure... also the May 14, departure date from Liverpool looks good as the family had it that they left on March 14, 1881 which could be a transcription error sometime in the past.

As of Nov 22, 2004, I am beginning to think that the family did not come from Liverpool to New York, as a pretty good search of the indexed immigration passenger lists into New York doesn't seem to turn up any of Beathe's little family from Norway...
However, still need to examine S/S Marathon, arriving Boston, July 11, 1881.


According to the 1900 census for Onalaska twp, Mathias came over (1880) a year earlier than Beathe and the five children) . Utvandringed til Amerika, page 444 has Mathias (Dybdal) born 1845, son of Christian Amundsen and Marie Oldsdtr. Dybdal, departing Norway on the ship "Hero" on the 26th of March, 1880


1910 census, Onalaska, LaCrosse Cty, District 119

sheet 8B, family 152

Christianson, Mrs. Matt, Head of family, female, white, age 62, widow, mother of 10 children, 7 children still living, place of birth: Norway, father born Norway, mother born Norway, year of immigration: 1881, speaks Norwegian, Farmer, Gen Farm,
--, Olmer B, son, male, white, age 23, single, born Wisconsin, father Norway, mother Norway, speaks English, Farmer,
--, Agnes M, daughter, female, white, age 19, single, born Wisconsin, father Norway, mother Norway, speaks English

bullet  Research Notes:

Regarding the puzzle of Beathe's paternal name.. was it Beathe PEDERSDTR. or Beathe LARSDTR.. or both ??.....

Mathias Christiansen( 1845-1909) and Beathe (1848- 1925)

The history of this family that was sent to me by Orville Larson (the son of Marie Christiansen) and his wife Louise indicate the birth date of their daughter Marie Christiansen to be 12 June 1878 and the birth date of sister Malla (the first) of 10 May 1880. These dates seem to have been passed down through the family records, perhaps the traditional bible.

The marriage record that seems to match perfectly for Mathias Christiansen and Beathe PEDERSDTR.. shows a marriage in Nes, Hedmark on the 6th of August, 1872. Her father's name is given as Peder Johannesen. Mathias is shown as from the village of Vardal. (about 20 km to the west)

However, the emigration book "Utvandringen Til Amerika" on page 451 indicates that Beathe (in 1881) , was Beathe LARSDTR., the wife of Mathias Kristiansen , and she is shown as having 5 children with her including Marie, born 1878 and Malla, born 1880 as well as Peder age 11, Kristian age 7 1/2 and Maurits, born 1874.

A close look at the church records of Hunn Parish, Vardal, Opland, Norway finds the birth/ baptism record of daughter Marie, born 12 June 1878, baptised 4 Aug, 1878, father Mathias Christiansen born 1845), mother Beathe PEDERSDTR. (born 1848) .. A perfect match.

Two years later, the same church book in Hunn Parish, shows the birth/baptism of daughter Malla, born 10 May, 1880 and baptised 13 June 1880, father Mathias Kristiansen (b. 1845) and mother Beathe LARSDTR (b. 1848) . Another perfect date match..

So in conclusion, it would indicate that the family birth dates of these two daughters matches perfectly the original church books in Vardal and Beathe is both referred to as Beathe PEDERSDTR. and Beathe LARSDTR. Take your pick..... The answer to this puzzle may be the following birth record...

(You may have noticed that the age of Peder as shown on the emigration record would put his birth prior to the 1872 marriage of Beathe and her husband Mathias Christiansen.)
A search of the LDS church records pulls up the following:

Christening, 03 April, 1870, Nes, Hedmark, Norway
Parents: Lars Jensen, Beate Pedersdtr.
Batch No. C424363, dates 1852-1872, Film 0307217

So it would appear that our Beathe Pedersdtr. had a child Peder Larsen , born in 1870 prior to the marriage of Beathe and Mathias Christiansen in 1872. Perhaps sometimes she was known as Beathe Pedersdtr and sometimes as Beathe Larsdtr. due to the slight complication of having a son Peder Larsen. Peder later took the name of Granum (along with his brother Christian) in Wisconsin and lived to 1948.


bullet  Noted events in her life were:

• Residence, 1865, Hellestad farm, Næs, Hedmark, Norway. 228

• Immigration: from Norway, 1881, La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA. 231

• Residence, 1900, Onalaska twp, La Crosse, Wisconsin. 76

• Occupation: Farmer, 1910, Onalaska, La Crosse, WI. 230


Beathe married Mathias Kristiansen, son of Christian Amundsen Bjugstadeie and Maria Olesdtr., on 6 Aug 1872 in Næs, Hedmark, Norway 211.,212 (Mathias Kristiansen was born on 14 Mar 1845 in Vardal, Oppland, Norway 76,186,219,220, christened on 12 May 1845 in Vardal, Oppland, Norway, died on 21 Nov 1909 in Onalaska twp, La Crosse, Wisconsin 73,232 and was buried on 24 Nov 1909 in Halfway Creek, Onalaska twp, LaCrosse County, Wisconsin 73.)

bullet  Marriage Notes:

Extract from The Ellis Island , New York internet web site.

By the 1880's, steam power had shortened the journey to America dramatically. Immigrants poured in from around the world: from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Southern and Eastern Europe, and down from Canada.

The door was wide open for Europeans - In the 1880s alone, 9% of the total population of Norway emigrated to America. After 1892 nearly all immigrants came in through the newly opened Ellis Island.

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