The Photo page for the family of William Chittenden and Enid Newberry

revision November 17, 2005


WW1 medal card for David Smith Newberry
9th Royal Scots, pvt.



above and below: the 1916 Attestation papers
for World War 1 by Charles Thomas Chittenden
(note the deception of his birth date showing him to be
six years younger than he was)


William Thomas Chittenden and Enid Helen Newberry, 1944


William Thomas Chittenden,sister Grace (Chittenden) Davidge
and brother Charles (Bud) Chittenden


William, Enid and David Chittenden


Store owned by Charles (Bud ) Chittenden
son of Charles Edward Chittenden



William Robert and Janet Chittenden


John Edward Chittenden and Fanny Timpson


Ellen (Holdbrook) Chittenden, children "Bud" and William


Charles and Emma Chittenden, 1938


Charles and Emma Chittenden, Golden Anniversary, 1938


Charles and Emma Chittenden, 1938


Charles Thomas Chittenden


Charles Edward Chittenden and Elizabeth Ellen Holdbrook


Charles and Emma Chittenden, 1938, 50th anniversary


Charles Thomas Chittenden, WW1


John Edward Chittenden ( 1843- 1935)

Charles Thomas Chittenden
and Emma(Dixon)Chittenden and family, 1906


Emma (Dixon ) Chittenden,
unknown groom, unknown bride,
Charles Thomas Chittenden

William and Enid Chittenden, 1944

Gary and David Chittenden, about 1961