What's New in the Chittenden and Newberry Family History


August 21, 2007, corrected birth entry for Ernest Albert Davidge.

July 17, 2006, Successfully located William and Sophia Newberry on the 1841 census in Selkirk, Selkirkshire, Scotland, age 45 and 46, both born in England along with a grand-daughter Mary Sutherland, age 3. A search of the Old Parish Registers of Scotland would indicate that Mary was the daughter of the marriage of Mary Ann Newberry and Aeneas Sutherland, dated 15/03/1836 in the parish of Roberton (the same parish that located William Newberry in 1841, the proven son of William and Sophia)

Following up on the Sutherland connection to the Newberry family finds the 1841 census in Selkirk, Selkirkshire with Angus Sutherland and wife Mary Ann , both born in England with children William age 4 and James aged 3 mos. The Scottish 1841 census was a snapshot of Scotland as of the night of the 6th of June, 1841. All of the above means of course that Mary Ann Newberry was the sister of our William Newberry.

Following the trail further into 1851 finds Angus Sutherland now a widower and Auctioneer in Melrose, Roxburghshire with his son William, now age 14, and now with Mary Ann Sutherland, age 12, who was with her grandparents William and Sophia Newberry ten years earlier. So Mary Ann (Newberry) has died and leaving Angus with at least 4 children. The pleasant surprise on this census record was to find our William Newberry, now age 32, living with Angus Sutherland, married and occupation of Gamekeeper, and born in Kent. It would appear that the elder William Newberry has passed on his gamekeeper position to his son William who usually has an occupation of a house painter. At the time of the 1851 census, Mary Newberry, the wife and children of this William Newberry are not terribly far away llodging with the Kerr family in Selkirk, Selkirkshire. The reason for their seperation is not immediately apparent since they are all back together again on the 1861 census in Galashiels, Selkirkshire. It seems likely that the seperation was brought about by the temporary occupation of William as a gamekeeper. It seems possible that the elder William passed on and the gamekeeper position fell to his son for a time.

July 16, 2006, Received telephone request to provide further research on the Newberry line. Examined database and believe it now is possible to locate the Newberry families on the newly released 1841 and 1851 Scottish census records which should help a great deal. Located Mrs Mary Newberry with 3 daughters on the 1851 census in Darnick, Roxburghshire all boarding with the family of Mrs Margaret Kerr. Husband William Newberry not present at that time. This census finds a previously unknown daughter of Sophia Newberry, age 10, born Galashiels. (Sophia apparently named after the mother of William. ) A search for husband William Newberry on the 1851 census, ages 29-33 finds no match in Scotland.

Search of the 1841 census finds William Newberry, age 22, occupation Painter , born England living with the family of William Aitkin in the Parish of Roberton, Roxburghshire, Scotland. No wife present, perhaps not yet quite married to Mary Turnbull?

July 4, 2006, located the family of David and Helen Brown of Strathmiglo Parish, Fife, occupation Linen Weavers, on both the 1841 and the 1851 Scotland census records. transcribed in full.

June 16, 2006, added further details of the family of master mariner George Freeland and wife Miriam (Chittenden) Freeland of Portsea , Hants and St. Austell, Cornwall. (1851 census, 1861 census and children)

June 8, 2006, added further details of the grave markers of John Edward Chittenden (1879- 1951)and wife Fanny (Timpson) Chittenden from the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.

February 18, 2006, removed an incorrect source citation (an 1871 census) in some of the Baker family web pages.

February 11, 2006, Added the 13 May, 1816 marriage record of Kitty Kearvell to Robert Baker, of Bosham, Sussex. Added the 23 June 1822 christening record of Martha Jane Baker of Bosham, Sussex.

December 3, 2005, Added the 1877 death registration of William Joseph Newbury, 5 month old son of James and Harriet Newbury of Edinburgh. Added the 1878 death of James Newberry, 6 month old son of James and Harriet Newburry of Edinburgh. (note the various spellings of their names found on the Scotland BMD indexes and registration forms)

December 2, 2005, searching for the death registration of Sophia (Baker) Newberry, mother of William Newberry (1819- 1890). searched 1855-1890 but no death registration shown other than her great-grandaughter Sophia Newberry, age 8 months, died July 8th, 1883 in Edinburgh. daughter of James and Harriet Ann Newberry.

December 1, 2005, started to investigate the possilble sources of the Newberry family from England. Our earliest information to date show parents as William Newberry and Sophia Baker upon the death of their son William Newberry (abt 1819- Aug 1890). So far no one of this description has turned up on the 1851 census in England nor on the 1861 census in Scotland. However, two baptismal records have been found in England that record a parentage of William and Sophia Newberry. However, further research into marriage records in England indicate that one of the wives was Sophia Shreeves and the other Sophia White, so neither look like our couple of William Newberry and Sophia Baker.

Located another daughter of William Newberry and Mary Turnbull; that being Mary Newberry, died 1857 at age 2, Galashiels, Selkirkshire.

November 28, 2005, received the December 9, 1843 marriage registration of Robert Baker, (seaman) and Martha Goodchild (laundress) both of Bosham, Sussex, fathers: Robert Baker, also a seaman and Edward Goodchild, deceased.

November 18, 2005, Located and ordered the Dec 1843 marriage registration of Robert Baker and Martha Goodchild , registered in Westbourne, Sussex. expect 10 day delivery.

Located and added the 1851 census record of the family of Robert and Martha Baker of New Fishbourne, Sussex.

Located the 03 Oct 1817 marriage record of James Chittenden and Ann Carter, married in the Saint Mary's Church of Portsea, Hampshire.

Located and added the 1871 census for Robert Amey and Mirium (Chittenden) Amey of Portsea. Added the 1861 census for John Chittenden and daughter Mirium Chittenden of Portsea.

November 17, 2005, Received from the Canada Archives, the military records of Charles Edward Chittenden (26 Dec, 1891- unknown)

Added the photos of John Edward Chittenden (1879- 1931) and Fanny (Timpson) Chittenden to the photo page. Also added the photo of William Robert Chittenden (1894- 1944) and Janet Mercer (Fairbain) Chittenden. Added the cemetery inscriptions of these two Chittenden men into database.

Added the 1851 census records from Portsea, Hampshire of Sarah Chittenden (age 82) as well as James Chittenden (abt 1799-1881) and Ann Chittenden (abt 1797-).

Oct 25, 2005. The 1875 death registration of Henry Holdbrook (Thanington, Kent, farm labourer, age 69) arrived and was entered into the database.

With today's release of the 1861 census records from Scotland, located and added the 1861 records for William and Mary Newberry of Galashiels, Selkirkshire. Added 1861 for David and Isobella Smith of Dunbar, East Lothian, Added 1861 for David and Helen Brown of Strathmiglo, Fifeshire.

Oct 24, 2004. The 1903 death registration of Elizabeth Holdbrook of Canterbury, Kent arrived and was added to database. Noted informant was son George Holdbrook: added his 1881 and 1901 census records. (Police Constable)

Oct 19, 2005, located and added the WW1 medal card for David Smith Newberry, 9th Royal Scots.
Located reference to the WW1 medal card of Ronald Newberry, Royal Scots, regimental # 53072.

Located and ordered from the National Archives of Canada the military records of one Charles Edward Chittenden, regimental number: 139542.

Added the images to the photo page for the 1916 WW1 attestation papers of Charles Thomas Chittenden of Toronto, Ontario. Located and added the 1915 WW1 attestation papers for Albert Edward Holbrook , born Aug 15, 1885 of Oakville, Ontario.

Oct 18, 2005, examined the microfilms containing the Church of Scotland, St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh, 1820 birth register of Isobella Burrell, daughter of John Burrell and Isobella Grinton. born 20 Sept, 1820. Examined the microfilm containing the 22 Feb 1841 marriage of William Newberry and Mary Turnbull, Church of Scotland, Hawick. Transcribed both to the database.

Oct 14, 2005, added the family photos to the Chittenden photo page on this web site. Located and ordered from GRO England the death registrations of Henry Holdbrook (1875, age 69, registered: Bridge) and Elizabeth Holdbrook (1903, age 84, registered Canterbury)

Oct 5, 2005, still waiting arrival of four microfilms from LDS Salt Lake City. Located and added the 1875 marriage registration of James Newberry (1852-1918) and Harriet Wilson (abt 1856-1908). Added the 1871 and the 1881 census data for the family of William Wilson, wife Sarah (Hardie) Wilson and children of Edinburgh.

Sept 24, 2005, located and added 1923 marriage of Ronald Newberry to Betsy Bruce Webster, Newington, Edinburgh. Search for birth and death of Rita Burke and found her as Henrietta Henderson Josephine Burke, born 1902, died May 9, 1928, age 25 years. Located and added the 1891 census record for David and Ann Brown with children David , age 17, Helen T Brown, age 16, Henrietta H Brown, age 13, and William M Brown, age 10, all in South Leith, Edinburgh. Search for the 1871 census record of David Brown, abt age 28, prior to his marriage in 1872, so far without success.

Sept 23, 2005, located and added the 1903 death registration of William Thomas Augustus Burke, age 2 months, died South Leith, Edinburgh.

Sept 22, 2005, interviewed Enid (Newberry) Chittenden this morning and recorded the known details of the 8 children of David Smith Newberry and Annetta Miller Enid Stampe Burke. With that information, uncovered and transcribed the death registrations of: David William Newberry (1932, age 5 months), Albert Newberry (1942, age 2 hours), George Newberry (1942, age 1 day). Located and transcribed the death registrations of Mary Smith Newberry (1938, age 47), Agnes (Newberry) Armstrong (1953, age 58), the 1925 death registration of Agnes (Newberry) Robertson (1925, age 75) . and then finally ascertained that the wife of William Newberry (and mother of David Smith Newberry) was actually named HELEN Smith rather than the name of Agnes that she usually used. The name of HELEN is substantiated by the death registration of her daughter Agnes (Newberry) (Dall) Armstrong in 1953 as well as her own death registration of 1948 as well as her own birth registration that was then located of 1863 in Dunbar just where she should have been born as per the census records of 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901.

Purchased and transcribed the birth registrations of a number of the children of William Newberry and Helen (or Agnes) Smith of Edinburgh. These consisted of: William Newberry( 1882 ), Isabella Burrell Newberry (1888), Mary Smith Newberry (1890), Agnes Newberry (1894), Ronald Newberry (1899) and Sophia Newberry (1901).

Noted the marriage date of February 1845 in Edinburgh of David Smith and Isobella Burrell as given on the birth registration of Helen Smith in 1863.

Added the 1909 death registration (age 20) of William Newberry, son of William and Agnes (Smith) Newberry.
Added the 1918 death registration ( age 66), of James Newberry, son of William Newberry and Mary (Turnbull) Newberry.
Added the 1908 death registration of Harriet Ann (Wilson) Newberry, wife of James Newberry as shown above who died in 1918.

Sept 20, 2005, reviewed the Newberry, Smith and Birrell family data to plan further research. Ordered from LDS the microfilm copies of the parish church records for (1) Hawick, Roxburghshire, (2) Melrose, Roxburghshire and (3) St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh. for detailed examination.

Sept 1, 2005, adding individual photos as supplied by Gary Chittenden.

August 29, 2005, added the 1889 birth registration of Emma Olivia Mary Chittenden, born 13 Saint George's Passage, Portsea. Father: Charles Thomas Chittenden, mother: Emma Chittenden: formerly Wittcomb.

August 26, 2005, added the Oct 24th, 1840 marriage registration of Henry Holdbrook (Widower, Labourer) and Elizabeth Coleman (spinster) , both of Thanington, Kent. Added the Dec 26th, 1864 marriage registration of John Edward Chittenden and Olivia Baker both of Fleet Street, Portsea, Hampshire.

August 25, 2005 , started to add details of the Chittenden family history as provided by June Henderson as researched by Frederick Wm. John Morris. (1913- ?), Added the 1871 census record of William T Chittenden and Mary A (Turner) Chittenden of Portsmouth including nephew Edward J Chittenden.

August 24, 2005, Scanned and uploaded images of the recently acquired birth, marriage and death registrations from England to the "Vital Records" page of this web site. Ordered from the GRO a copy of the 1874 marriage registration of William George Wittcomb of Portsea, Hampshire.

August 23, 2005, received and added marriage registration of Edward Charles Holdbrook and Mary Jane Clark, 14 January, 1884. Added the 1858 birth registration of Edward Charles Holdbrook of Thanington, Kent, parents: Henry Holdbrook and Elizabeth (Coleman) Holdbrook , added the 1859-1860 birth registration of Amelia Clark of Edgware, parents: George Clark and Ellen (Monk) Clark.

Added additional census material examining the material available on the family of Charles Thomas (and Emma Dixon) Chittenden and William Wittcomb (and Emma) all of Portsea, Hampshire on the 1881 , 1891 and the 1901 census records. It would appear that the wife of Charles Thomas Chittenden was the daughter of a Dixon (possibly William Dixon) and her mother Emma later married the musician William Wittcomb between 1871 and 1881. Further research is still ongoing on this family with the birth registration of the eldest daughter (Emma: 1889) of Charles Thomas and Emma Chittenden on order from the GRO to further check the maiden surname of Emma.

August 22, 2005, received by mail and added the birth registrations of Elizabeth Ellen Holdbrook 1892, James Chittenden 1843, Charles Edward Chittenden 1891, Charles Thomas Chittenden 1868, Marriage registration of Charles Thomas Chittenden and Emma Dixon 1888, Death registration of Olivia (Baker) Chittenden 1881.

August 19, 2005, added the 1868 birth registration of Charles Thomas Chittenden , Parents : John Edward Chittenden and Olivia (Baker) Chittenden of 8 Omega Street, Southsea, Hampshire. Located the marriage registration index for John Edward Chittenden and Olivia Baker, December qtr, 1864, Portsea.. ordered full copy from GRO.

August 18, 2005, located the WW1 Canadian regimental numbers for Charles Edward Chittenden and for his father Charles Thomas Chittenden. Copied the WW1 attestation record for Charles Thomas Chittenden.

August 12, 2005, located and ordered/purchased the GRO registrations for :

Marriage of Charles Thomas Chittenden and Emma Dixon, 1888. ,
Birth of Charles Edward Chittenden, 1892. ,
Birth: Elizabeth Ellen Holdbrook, 1892,
Birth of John Chittenden 1843,
Death of Olivia Chittenden, 1881,
Birth of Charles Thomas Chittenden: 1868.
Birth registration of Edward Charles Holdbrook, March qtr, 1884 in Hendon.
Marriage registration of Henry Holdbrook and Elizabeth Coleman, Bridge, Kent, registered Dec 1840.
Birth registration of Edward Charles Holdbrook, registered June qtr 1858, Bridge, Kent.
Birth registration of Amelia Clark, registered Hendon, March qtr, 1860.

August 5, 2005, Added the 1861 and 1871 census for the family of Henry and Elizabeth Holdbrook of Thamington, Kent. Added the 1861 and 1871 census for George and Ellen Clarke (with Mary Jane Clark) of Little Stanmore, Middlesex. Added the 1881 census for John and Olivia Chittenden of Portsmouth, Hampshire which also shows Robert Baker, Master Mariner with the Chittenden family. Added the 1871 census for John and Olivia Chittenden. Added the 1861 census for the family of James Chittenden, wife Ann and children including 17 year old John. This 1861 census also shows as their neighbours the family of Martha Baker, (Seaman's Wife) with children including 16 year old Olivia Baker.

August 4, 2005, Added the 1891 and the 1901 census records from Portsmouth for the family of Charles T Chittenden and wife Emma. Interviewed by telephone Mrs. June Henderson of Lions Head, Ontario for Chittenden family details. Added the 1901 , 1891 and the 1881 census records for Edward Charles Holdbrook of Little Stanmore, Middlesex. The 1881 census also included the entire Clark family prior to the marriage of Edward Holdbrook and Mary Jane Clark.

August 3, 2005, Added the 1903 birth registration of William Thomas A Burke, son of William Thomas Burke and Nellie Thompson Brown, of South Leith, Edinburgh.

August 2, 2005, added the 1915 death registration of David Brown, age 70, widower of Ann Miller, Portobello, Edinburgh. Added the family of David Brown and Helen Thomson of Strathniglo, Fife as per the Old Parochial Registers of the Church of Scotland (1829-1842). Added the marriage of David Brown and Helen Thomson , 23 May 1828, Strathmiglo, Fife. Added the 1846 birth of Ann Miller of 1846 to parents William Miller and Henrietta Henderson of Latheron Parish, Caithness. Added the double marriages of William Miller and Henrietta Henderson, 25 March 1836 in Bower , Caithness and 31 March 1836 in Latheron, Caithness. Located and added the 1871 census record of Ann Miller, occ Cook at Watt's Hospital, Leith South, Edinburgh, age 25, born Latheron, Caithness.

August 1, 2005, added the 1921 death registration of William Thomas Burke, age 48. Added the 1947 death registration of Helen Thomson (Brown) Burke, age 72, District of George Square, City of Edinburgh. Added the 1909 death registration of Ann (Miller) Brown, married to David Brown, Railway Agents' Foreman.

August 1, 2005, added the 1896 death registration of Isabella (Birrell) Smith, age 76, Edinburgh, widow of David Smith, stone quarryman (parents: James Birrell and Elizabeth Granton), added the 1885 death registration of David Smith, quarryman, Edinburgh (parents: Robert Smith and Margaret Honeyman) . Added the 1806 parish register for the marriage of Robert Smith and Margaret Honeyman, Added the 1818 birth register for Rebecca Paterson Smith and the 1821 birth register for David Smith, parents of both: Robert Smith and Margaret Honeyman, Edinburgh Parish.

Located and added four more children of Robert Smith and Margaret Honeyman of Edinburgh parish, Edinburgh. Now totalling six children between 1808 and 1821.

August 1, 2005, added the 1928 death registration of William Newberry, Brewer's Cellarman, age 67, Duddingston, Edinburgh. Added the 1901 birth registration of Sophia Newberry, Morningside Road, Edinburgh. Added the 1890 death registration of William Newberry sr. age 71, died City Poorhouse, Craig Lockhart, Parish of Colinton. Added the 1898 death registration of Mary Gray (Turnbull) Newberry, Duddingston, Edinburgh. Found and added the 22 February, 1841 marriage register of William Newberry and Mary Turnbull , Church of Scotland, Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland.

July 31, 2005, added the images of the birth, marriage and census records to the "Vital Records" page on your web site.

July 30, 2005, located the details of the birth registration of Annetta Miller Enid Stampe Burke, b. Aug 4, 1901, Melville Street. Falkirk, Stirling, Scotland. Searching for birth registration of Agnes Smith, born about 1861 in Dunbar or Edinburgh.. so far not found.. Searched for and found birth registration of Helen Thompson Brown, born March 31, 1875. Parents were David Brown and Anne (Miller) Brown.

Searched census records for William Burke, described on the 1901 marriage registration as "Coastguard Pensioner". Located him in 1881 in the Royal Navy on the "HMS Lord Warden", at Edinburgh. age 35, born Ireland, Petty officer.

July 24, 2005, set up the web site on the Legacy Familytree web server for the Chittenden and Newberry families.

July 20-24, 2005, researched, purchased and transcribed many census records and birth and marriage registrations from Scotland for the Newberry, Burke, Brown, Smith, Turnbull, Burrell (Birrell) families.