The 1940 Family History Chart by George Herrick Duggan from 1st October, 1940


The following jpg images were made from the 1940 copy of the family history chart of the Duggan families of Toronto and Hamilton Ontario, Canada
by Mr. George Herrick Duggan as supplied to Gordon R Duggan, the uncle of Richard Duggan of Kelowna, B.C.

The first image is that of an overview of the complete chart while the four images following are close-ups at medium resolution of the four pages that are taped together. Current research examing census records and baptism records of Toronto and Hamilton show that the chart is reasonably accurate with a few exceptions regarding dates. The chart was not ever considered to be complete of course, as Colonel George Duggan shown at the top of page four had many more offspring than the Dr. Thomas Duggan of Hamilton. Other examples of an incomplete chart are inevitable, but this valuable source from 1940 is extremely useful to current researchers.