What's new in the Duggan and Parsons Family History

August 27, 2014, restored all data files after server clean-up.

August 10, 2012, added more 1861 and 1871 census records from Hamilton , Ontario for the families of Caroline Duggan, widow of Richard Oliver Duggan. Also, added the 1891 census record of the family Arthur and Emilie Duggan of Quebec City.

August 12, 2009, added the 1913 marriage registration of Alice Maude Duggan and Richard Shaw-Wood, both of Toronto, Ontario.
Added the 1913 marriage registration of Gordon Richard Duggan and Isabel Christiana Brimley, both of Toronto, Ontario.
Added some details of the family of Isabella Christina Brimley, wife of Gordon Richard Duggan of Toronto, Ontario, married 4 Jun 1913, Toronto.
Added the 1934 death registration of Kathleen (Lynar) Duggan of Toronto, Ontario.
Added the 1911 marriage registration of May Duggan and Frederick Roddy of Toronto. Added more members to the Charles and Catherine Roddy family of Toronto.

August 11, 2009, located and added the 1861 census of Daniel Duggan and sister Julia Duggan of the "Brocton Store", York County.

August, 10, 2009, located and transcribed the 1861 census record of Toronto, showing the family of George Duggan, Coroner, born Ireland, age 78 and wife Jane Emily Duggan, age 40?, born Cape of Good Hope, Eliza Ann Duggan, born Toronto, age 42, single, and four children. Located the May 15th, 1900 marriage registration of Effie Elena Duggan , age 43, (d . of George Duggan and Emily Jane Duggan) to William Kirkpatrick Gentleman, age 60, both of Toronto.

July 26, 2009, Following the discovery of the family bible of Dr. Thomas Duggan (1812- 1874) of Hamilton Ontario, many new birth, marriages and deaths of the Duggan family members have been added to the database. This family bible is now in the possession of Richard (Dick) Duggan of Kelowna, B.C. and full transcriptions of the bible are now part of this web site.

April 25, 2007, Located and added the 1881 census data for the family of James and Margaret Gillespie of Mills, Cumberland, Nova Scotia.

April 24, 2007, Recently added Nova Scotia vital records allowed the search and transcription of the birth registrations of: James Daniel Gillespie: 1867, William Joseph Gillespie: 1869, David P Gillespie: 1871, Edmond Patrick Gillespie: 1873 and Mary Adeline Gillespie: 1875, all born to James Gillespie and Margaret McCuskel (sp?) of Mill Village or Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. (Marriage date 9 May 1855 in Amherst, Nova Scotia)

Jan 23, 2007, Located "The History of Niagara", published 1914 which shows that Robert Fizette succeeded Bever Bonner in the position of chief constable of Niagara in 1866 to 1875. Bever Bonner held that position form 1845 to 1865.

Searched the 1861 census of Niagara and found the family of Jane Bonner, a widow since 1860 living under the same roof as Robert and Jane Fizette, further showing the relationship between these two families. This 1861 census shows the eldest daughter of Rober Fizette to be Mary Jane Fizette, age 9 in 1861, so born abt 1852 which matches exactly the name and age required to be the future wife of Peter Joseph Lloyd Lynar.

Located and transcribed the 1871 census for Robert and Jane Fizette of Niagara. Jane continues to be shown to be born in Quebec.

Jan 22, 2007, The Oct 20th, 1923 death registration of spinster Ida Matilda Fizette shows the father to be Robert Fizette of Niagara and mother to be Jane Bonar. (more likely spelling in Bonner). The informant of this death was the brother Charles Fizette who is now living in Toronto. Followed up on the Ball family of Niagara on the Lake, Ontario that Hugh Lynar married into by locating the 1901 and the 1911 census records for the Albert Ball family. Niagara is the common ground between the Lynar family, the Fizette family and the Ball family.

Located an index of marriages performed by the Rev. Thomas Green for the period of 1848-1856 in Niagara and found that on the 8th of July 1851, Robert Fizette married Jane Bonner. The name of Bonner is likely a better fit than what was described as Bonar on the 1923 death registration of her spinster daughter Ida Matilda Fizette of Niagara.

Jan 22, 2007, Futher research needed into the maiden name of Mary, the mother of Kathleen Mary Esther Lynar required which has been difficult due to the diverse spellings of the maiden name showing up on the various vital records documents. Located the 1913 marriage registration of Hugh R Lynar and Jane Ball helped somwhat as showing maiden name as Mary Ficette and confirming the Niagara on the Lake connection as Hugh R Lynar's birthplace.

Eventually found the family of Mary on the 1881 Niagara census as being Fizette. The father shows as Robert Fizette, born Ontario, Church of England, , a ship carpenter, age 57, mother Jane , age 50 born Quebec, Mary Fizette, age 26, Charles, age 21 (a ship carpenter) , Charlotte age 17 and Matilda age 12. The name Fizette exactly matched that maiden name and birth place as described on the 1929 death registation of Mary Lynar, as described by her nephew William S O'Conner. This now looks to be very solid evidence of the name of Fizette.

Sept 14, 2006, added the 1901 census of the family of George and Margaret Parsons, of Toronto, Ont. Added the 1911 census of George and Margaret Parsons of Toronto, Ont. Added the 1901 census of Walter Added the 1911 census of Walter Graham Parsons and Maud Catherine (Bouey) Parsons of Toronto, Ont. Added the 1906 birth registration of Stanley J B Parsons, son of Walter and Maud K (Bouey) Parsons.

August 22, 2006, added the 1911 census record of the family of Dr. Richard George Duggan and Brenda Corey (Knowlton) Duggan of Strathcona, Alberta. Added the 1901 census of the F A Knowlton (Post Master, age 45) family of Knowlton, Brome, Quebec includinng Brenda C Knowlton, age 15. Added the 1911 census of Frederick Knowlton (Post Master, age 56) , of Knowlton Village, Brome, Quebec. Added the 1928 death registration of Sarah Batcheller (Powell) Duggan, of Toronto.

August 21, 2006, added the 1886 death registration of Emily Duggan, age 26, Toronto, Ontario. Added the 1900 death registration of Emily Jane Duggan, age 79, born Cape of Good Hope, died Toronto, Ontario. Determined with Ontario birth records that Georgina Caroline Jane Duggan had married Edwin Colwell, a piano polisher, sometime prior to 1883. Located the family of Edwin Colwell and Georgina (Duggan) Colwell now living in the Bronx, New York on the 1910 census, with five children (ages 21-11).

June 15, 2006, added the 1922 death reg of Elizabeth Virginia (Tuckett) Duggan of Hamilton, Ont. Added the 1918 marriage of Leo Joseph Phelan to Violet Duggan of Toronto. Added further details of the family of Patrick Phelan and Bridget Bolger of Toronto, Ont.

May 26, 2006, Added the 1916 marriage registration of Charles Edwin Duggan and Kathleen Lynar of Toronto, Ontario. Added a great number of birth and death registrations of Duggan family members of Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario from the period of 1860-1907.

May 24, 2006, added the 1897 New Brunswick marriage registration and certificate for Edmund P Gillespie and Josephine Sullivan. Parents were James and Margrite Gillespie and Cornelius and Ellen Sullivan. Added the 1881 census record for the family of Cornelius and Ellen Sullivan of Moncton, N.B.

May 8, 2006, Purchased and added the 1841 and the 1851 census records of the family of Niel and Catherine Bouey (Buey, Bowie etc) of South Uist, Outer Hebrides, Inverness. Scotland. A total of 10 children including our Hector Bouey described on these records.

Added the 1841 and the 1851 census of the family of Angus and Catherine (McEachan) Campbell of Galmisdale, Island of Eigg, Inverness and five of their children including Mary Campbell (the future wife of Hector Buoey) and Effie Campbell, the aunt that was later instrumental in attesting to the births of John N Bouey (1870) and Duncan Joseph Bouey (1884) in Ontario.

Added the 1841 census records of the family of widow Mary McEachan (or McEachern) family of Galmisdale, of the Island of Eigg, Inverness, who came to Nova Scotia with her family on the ship "Catherine" in 1843.

Added a map to the map page showing the location of the Island of Eigg, Inverness.

May 7, 2006, Located the 1901 census for John N Bouey, Ellen Teresa Bouey and family living in Toronto East, ward 2, with 3 children Evelyn, John and [James] Stanley Bouey.

May 6, 2006, Located another son of George Walter Parsons (occ. druggist) and Margaret Esther Graham, being one Ewart Gladstone Parsons, born 2 May 1887 in Proton twp, Ontario. Located another son: George William Alexander Parsons, son of George Walter Parsons and Maggie E Graham of Toronto, On. Added the 1932 death registration of Peter Joseph Lynar of Toronto, On. Added the 1929 death registration of Mrs. Marie Jane (nee Payette) Lynar of Toronto, On.

Located the 1897 index record of the marriage of Edmund Gillespie and Josephine Sullivan, dated 29 June 1897, Westmorland County, N.B. Ordered by mail a full detailed copy of this marriage from the New Brunwick Archives.

Located and added the 1911 census record of the family of Edmund P Gillespie and wife Johanna with their five children of 1911 in Moncton, N.B. Confirmed the correct names of the entire family with Barbara Duggan. Also confirmed the correct occupation of Edmund Gillespie as working for the I.C.R. railroad.

Finally located and added the 1901 census record of the small family of Edmund P Gillespie and wife Joanna with Edmund shown on the transcription as Edward P Gillaspie [sic] and described as a Confectioner living in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia with their two eldest sons.

May 4, 2006, added the 1914 death registrations of George W Parsons and wife Margaret Parsons of Toronto, Ontario. Added the 1925 death registration of Cyril Francis Bouey of Toronto, Ontario. Added the 1909 death registration of Hector Bouey of Toronto.

May 2, 2006, Added the 1924 death registration of Edwin Willoughby Duggan, betterdefining the parentage of Edwin and naming another son of Edwin Duggan. Added the 1876 death registration of Judge George Duggan, age 63, Toronto. Added the 1894 death registration of James E Duggan, age 37 of Hamilton, Ontario. Added the 1919 death registration of Thomas Albert Duggan, son of Dr. Thomas Duggan of Hamilton, Ontario. Added the 1880 birth declaration for Maud Catherine Bouey. Added the 1884 birth declaration for Duncan Joseph Bouey. Added the 1870 birth declaration of John Bouey. Added Ellen Teresa Hyland , wife of John N Bouey and two children : Eveleyn Mary Bouey (1884) and James Stanislaus Bouey (1900)

March 21, 2005, added a page containing the image of the newspaper photo of the 1816 muster of the Veterans of the war of 1812-1814, published in July 2, 1910 by the Evening Telegram. This photo shows Col George Duggan and other veterans of the war.

The early baptism records of two of the children of Col. George Duggan show a sponsor as Thomas Duggan. It is reasonable to assume for the time being that this is a brother to the Col. George Duggan and to John Duggan as hinted at in the 1940 letter from George Herrick Duggan to Gordon R Duggan. The biography of Joseph Duggan , (a hotel keeper in 1871) describe Joseph's father as being Thomas Duggan who died in 1854. This would appear to be one and the same person as the Sponsor to two of Col George's children.

Entered Thomas Duggan and the family of Joseph and Susan Duggan into the database as above. Entered the 1871 (a hotel keeper) and the 1881 (a gentleman) census records for Thomas and Susan Duggan of Toronto. Entered the 1871 census record for the family of Edward H Rutherford.

Added the images of the Oct 4, 1940 letter from George Herrick Duggan to Gordon R Duggan re family connections and history.

March 20, 2005, added the image of the 1940 Duggan Family history chart as researched by George Herrick Duggan.

March 19, 2005, located and transcribed the marriage records for James Emms Duggan (son of Dr. Thomas Duggan) and Minnie Conley (1887, Hamilton, Ontario), marriage record for George Edwin Duggan, son of Richard Oliver Duggan and Caroline Duggan (1872, Brockville, On). Added the 1898 marriage record for the widow Minnie Duggan (widow of James Emms Duggan) to Samuel Collyer, Hamilton, Ont. Added the 1872 marriage of Bridgwater Meredith Arnold (son of Abner Arnold and Kate Duggan) and Sara Cary Sloan, 1872, Holland Landing, York, Ontario. Added the 1879 marriage of Edwin Willoughby Duggan (son of George and Emily Jane Duggan of Toronto) and Sarah Batchella Powell, 1879, Church of the Holy Trinity, Toronto.

Added the 1881 census record for the family of Mildred Scarth Stevenson (the future wife of George Herrick Duggan of Montreal) of Ste. Antoine Ward, Montreal including her father Pillons S Stevenson and her siblings.

March 19, 2005, transcribed the few Duggan burial records from the St. James Cathedral fiche (1807-1850) produced by the Toronto branch of the OGS. Located the 1871 census record for the widowed 2nd wife of Col. George Duggan, being Emily Jane Duggan, age 51, born Cape of Good Hope, South Africa and supporting her four children by giving music lessons.

Located the 1871 census records for the widow Margaret (Duggan) Oliver, age 60 , living with her son George Oliver and his wife and family in Toronto.

Located the 1881 census record for Emily (Oliver) Beddome which matched the family history chart of 1940 by George Herrck Duggan.

Located the 1881 census record for the woman shown as "Mrs Rutherford" on the G H Duggan chart and with the help of the baptismal records of the St. James Cathedral Church of Toronto, showed that this was one Mary Margaret Oliver, wife of Edward Henderson Rutherford, merchant and gentleman of Toronto. They had a least 11 children that were baptised at St. James Church. Transcribed all Oliver baptismal records for this family from the St. James Cathedral collection.
Mary Margaret Oliver was the daughter of Stephen Oliver and Margaret Duggan (and g.d. of John Duggan)as per the G H Duggan 1940 family chart.

Located the marriage record of the woman shown as Louisa Rutherford on the G H Duggan chart of 1940 and confirmed her marriage to a "Mr. Pipon". The 1885 marriage record of Ontario show her to be Emily Louisa Rutherford who married John Hodge Pipon in 1885.

The rough structure of the G H Duggan chart of 1940 is checking out very well with only the expected errors in names and dates that would be the result of the absence of available sources at that time.

March 16, 2005, received the Baptism records of the St. James Anglican Cathedral, Toronto from the Ontarion Genealogy Society. (Toronto Branch) and am pulling out all relevant baptisms for the Duggan family and transcribing into the database.

March 7, added the biography of Dr. Thomas Duggan, (1812-1874), physician and surgeon, of Hamilton, Ontario. Added the 1853 Toronto tax assessment entries for George Duggan, age 60, coroner as well as that for George Duggan jnr. Added the 1839 marriage of George Duggan and Phoebe Anne Armstrong, St. James, Toronto.

Feb 27, 2005, added the 1946 obituary and biography of George Herrick Duggan, (1862-1946)

Feb 26, 2005, transcribing the two Duggan family trees into the database that were compiled by George Herrick Duggan in 1940 of four pages and a single pagefamily tree by Gordon R. Duggan. Added the 1871 Toronto census record of the family John and Amelia Duggan with son George Herrick Duggan. Added the 1871 Toronto census record of the family of George Duggan , age 58, (1812-1876) with wife Ann (age 50)and son George F Duggan (age 29), Added the 1881 census record (of Mountain, Manitoba) of John Tulloh and wife Elizabeth and the two children George and Lily which matches the 1940 family tree by G. H. Duggan

Feb 23, 2005, located the Biography of George Duggan (1812- 1876), son of John and Mary Duggan , Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Volume X, University of Toronto Press, 1972.

Feb 21, 2005, located the marriage registration (22 Sept 1811) of Colonel George Duggan (abt 1785- 1863) and Mary Jackson, St. James Anglican Church, Toronto. On.

Sept 16, 2003, added the 1931 death registration of Walter Graham Parsons, (1881-1931) which included the names and birthplaces of his parents, George Parsons, and Margaret Graham

January 6, 2003, added the 1871 census record for Daniel and Ann Duggan & family (inc. Alice) in Toronto , Ontario, occupation Shop Keeper

December 24, 2002, added the available birth and marriage registrations to the "Vital Records" page of this web site.

December 23, 2002, The birth registration ( Sept 12, 1887) for Charles Henry Duggan arrived today, Parents were Charles Henry Duggan (bookkeeper) and Alice Maude Duggan of Toronto. The marriage registration for Charles and Alice Maud Duggan (Nov 16, 1886) arrived today for our researcher in Toronto and it shows that the parents of the groom were Thomas A. and Margaret Duggan of Hamilton. The bride's parents were Daniel and Annie Duggan of Toronto. The 1871 census record for Thomas Duggan in Hamilton indicates he was a physician. Whether or not these two Duggan families were related is yet to be established.

The birth registration was also received for Kathleen Mary Esther Lynar, born 8 March 1888, daughter of Peter Joseph Lloyd Lynar (clerk) and Marie Payette of Toronto.

December 22, the church marriage record of Charles Henry Duggan and Alice Maude Duggan, dated 16 Dec, 1886 from the St. James Cathedral (Anglican) in Toronto, Ontario. Official vital statistics copy of this marriage still yet to arrive from Ontario.

December 19, 2002, requested the marriage registration from Toronto Archives for Charles Duggan sr. and wife Alice Maude, about 1886. requested the marriage registration also for Peter Lyner and wife May in Toronto about 1883- 1884.

December 19, 2002, located the 1901 census records in Toronto East for Charles Edward Duggan, his parents and siblings.
located the 1901 census records in Toronto East for Kathleen Lyner and her parents Peter Lyner and her brother Hugh Lyner.

December 15, 2002, requested birth registrations from Ontario Archives for Charles Edward Duggan, Gordon Duggan, Kathleen Lyner, Hugh Lyner. Expect 1- 2 week response.

December 14, 2002, initial interview and data entry of known family data into database. Constructed web site and uploaded data.