Simeon (Steve) Malko
(-Bef 1904)
Marina Masnyk
Steve Mozil
Dmytro Malko
Anna Mozil
(Abt 1867-1957)
Catherine (Kate) Malko


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Valrara (Laurence) Kula

Catherine (Kate) Malko 3 4 5 6 7 8

  • Born: 1888, Galicia, Poland/Austria 3 6 9 10 11 12
  • Marriage: Valrara (Laurence) Kula on 7 Feb 1909 in Cook's Creek, Springfield R.M., Manitoba 1 2
  • Died: 2 Apr 1924, St. Clements, Manitoba at age 36 3 11 13

bullet  General Notes:

died at age 35 years according to family.
Parents lived in Eastdale, Manitoba according to family.
_______________________________________________ 3


bullet  Noted events in her life were:

Immigration, 1904, to Canada. 11 12

Residence, 1909, Cook's Creek, Springfield R.M., Manitoba. 6

Residence, 1916, St. Clements, Manitoba. 9

Residence, 1924, St. Clements, Manitoba. 11


Catherine married Valrara (Laurence) Kula, son of Anthony Kula and Anna Bejnko, on 7 Feb 1909 in Cook's Creek, Springfield R.M., Manitoba.3 6 (Valrara (Laurence) Kula was born 11-24 Aug 1883 in Galicia, Austria,3 9 15 16 died on 25 Aug 1951 in Selkirk, Manitoba 3 and was buried on 28 Aug 1951 in Cook's Creek, Springfield R.M., Manitoba 3 17.)



1 Robert A. Harkness, supplied family group sheets of his close family. March 20, 2002,. received initial package of data on March 19, 2002
received further data from personal knowledge of the family on April 8, 2002
Source of his information was three of the Kula sisters including the mother of Robert Harkness:
Mrs. Jean Wilkie, Pauline Kula and Mrs. Gertrude Harkness

2 Vital Statistics, Manitoba. :
registered with Clerk of the Municipality of Springfield for the half year ended June 30, 1909.
No. 3
Bridegroom: Lawrencing Kula, age 25 years
residence: Cooks Creek, Place of birth: Galicia
Bachelor, occupation: Farmer
religious denomination: Catholic
Full name of parents: Anthony Kula, Annie Byreko

Bride:: Catherine Malko, age 18 years
residence: Cooks Creek
Place of birth: Galicia
religious denomination: Catholic
Full name of parents: Demeter Malko, Anna Muzil

Names and residence of witnesses: And. Saranidja?, Anthy. Wezenowich?, Cooks Creek

Date and Place of marriage: Feb 7, 1909, Cooks Creek
by whom married: Rev. S. Dydyk by Banns
informant: Rev. S. Dydyk, address Winnipeg
when registered: Feb 22, 1909

3 Robert A. Harkness, supplied family group sheets of his close family. March 20, 2002,.

4 Dept of Health and Welfare, Province of Manitoba, Certificate of birth: No. 62118. :
Certificate of Birth
This is to certify that the following details of birth are on record in the office of the Recorder of Vital Statistics.

Name: -MARY KULA- , Sex: Female
Date of Birth: January 20, 1916
PLace of Birth: Municipality of St. Clements, Man.
Name of Father: Lawrence Kula
Birthplace: Austria
Residence: Lyall, Manitoba, Occupation: Farmer
Maiden Name of Mother: Kate Imalko,
Birth Place: Austria
Registration No. 13, Year: 1916, Registration district: St. Clements

Given under my Hand and Seal of the Department of Health and Public Welfare, this 5th day of September, 1944
signed L. E. Stewart, Acting Recorder, Province of Manitoba

(note:in the year 2002, the family of Mary Kula, believes that the maiden name of the mother reported here should have been reported as Kate MALKO, note by jc anderson, April 8, 2002)

5 Duglald Women's Institute, Dugald, Manitoba, Springfield, 1st Rural Municipality in Manitoba, 1873-1973 (Standard book number 0-919212-40-9, copyright 1974, printed by D. W. Friesen & Sons. Ltd., Altona, Manitoba). :
"Springfield, 1st Rural Municipality in Manitoba"

page 398
Dan Malko had bought part of the de Bouvoir property. His family consisted of Katherine, Nettie, Annie, Fred, Steve, Mary, Anthony (note this should read Antonia... jca) .
They pioneered in solid bush in 1904, having little more than their hands to work with even though he had municipal experience in the old country. He was a community man, serving as trustee in Sapton school, on church committees and interested in having his family participate in politics Fred, Anthony, Steve and Mary stayed in Springfield. Fred settled on his share of the family farm some years later, raising Mike, Lorraine, Jerry and Freddie. Fred served eight years on Council, thirteen years as school trustee, active in the Grain Growers, Cattle Breeders, keenly interested in politics, at one time actively supporting Dr. Bissett. He has retired on his farm.

(note by jc anderson.. This description and family fits the family of Metro Malko perfectly, so it appears that Metro Malko and Dan Malko are one and the same person. An interview of Antonia (Malko) Magura on April 17, 2002 revealed that this was her family but her father Metro was never called Dan so the book is in error on this point)

page 391..
St. Mary's Parish at Sapton.
St. Mary's Church at Sapton was organized around 1911. It was an extension of the St. Nicholas parish which is just a mile and a half west. Alex Mech provided the land for the site in the south west corner of his farm. some of the founding members of the parish were Alex Mech, John Dubeck, Metro and Peter Malko, Peter Wachko, Theadore Simcoe, Bill Petrashko, Henry Machuga, and John Turko.

page 397
"Springfield, 1st Rural Municipality in Manitoba, " copyright 1974
"Katherine Mozel came to Canada from Lisychy, Austria in 1898 at the age of 16 with her uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. Malko. She worked as a domestic two years, marrying John Kuzyk, who took her to Hazelridge by train to his farm which had a two room log house and two and one half acres of cultivated land.
(note by jc anderson.. not yet sure which Mr. and Mrs Malko this is referring to as Metro Malko supposedly arrived in Manitoba abt 1904)

6 Vital Statistics, Manitoba.

7 Manitoba Vital Statistics. :
Province of Manitoba, Official Notice of Death
Registration district St. Clements, Municipality of St. Clements

Surname: Kula, Katie
if married , full maiden name: Malko, Katie
Female, racial origin: Polish, married
Place of birth: Poland
Date of birth: do not know, Year: 1888
age: 36 Years
Occupation of deceased: None
Length of residence: at place of death 20 years, in Canada: 20 years
Full name of Father: Metro Malko
Birthplace of father: Poland
Maiden Name of mother: Annie Mozil
Birthplace of mother: Poland
Date of Death: 2 April, 1924
Name of Physician: D. G. Ross
Informant: Husband, L. Kula, address: Melrose, Manitoba
Undertaker: Moody and Son, Selkirk, Manitoba
registration number: 10 filed this 21? day of April, 1924

Medical Certificate of Death: St. Clements, Manitoba
Date of Death: April, 2, 1924,
I hereby certify that I attended the deceased: Katie Kula , age 36 from March 26, 1924 to April 2, 1924 , that I last saw her alive on April 1st, 1924.
Date filed: 2nd April, 1924,
Date of burial or removal: April 3, 1924,
undertaker: Moody and Son, address: Selkirk

8 National Archives of Canada, Microfilm T-18356. :
page 2, family 13

Melko, Pietro, Head, male, married, age 37, born Austria, immigration date: 1904, Post office: Sapton, section 9, township 12, range 6, meridian 1, no horses, 2 milch cows, 8 other horned cattle, no sheep, 1 hog
Melko, Annie, wife, female, married, age 38, born Austria
Melko, Kate, daughter, female, single, age 17, born Austria
Melko, Minnie, daughter, female, single, age 12, born Austria
Melko, Annie, daughter, female, single, age 7, born Austria
Melko, Fedco, son, male, single, age 3, born Austria
Melko, Stefan, son, male, single, age 1 month, born Manitoba
Melko, Marina, mother, female, widow, age 58, born Austria

page 9, family 66
Kula, Anton, Head, male, married, age 57, born Austria, immigration date: 1899, P.O. office: Cook's Creek, section 7, township 12, range 6, meridian 1, no horses, 3 milch cows, 6 other horned cattle, no sheep, 2 hogs
Kula, Annie, Wife, female, married, age 49, born Austria, immigration: 1899
Kula, Mary, daughter, single, age 17, born Austria, immigration 1899
Kula, Rosa, daughter, single, age 11, born Austria, immigration 1899
Kula, Stefan, son, single, age 9, born Austria, immigration 1899
Kula, Annie, daughter, single, age 7, born Manitoba
Kula, Michael, son, single, age 5, born Manitoba
Kula, Celia, daughter, single, age 3, born Manitoba

9 Dept of Health and Welfare, Province of Manitoba, Certificate of birth: No. 62118.

10 Ellis Island Immigration Records, 1904, Malko family, manifest from the Graf Waldersee out of Hamburg, Germany, 23 Sept, 1904-- 6 Oct, 1904. :
Dmytro Malko, age 40, marrried, labourer, read and write: yes, entire family nationality Austrian, race "Polish" scratched out and replaced with "Ruthenian" , last residence: Oleszycze, final destination Winnipeg Canada, possession of $1360.00, never in USA before, in transit to join brother-in-law firstname? Mosil, in Winnipeg, Canada, passage paid for by self.

Anna Malko, wife, age 37, female, married, wife, read and write: no, passage paid for by husband
Katarina Malko, child, age 14, female, single, children, passage paid for by father
Anestasia Malko, child, age 10, female, single, children, last residence Oleszycze
Anna Malko, child, age 7, female, single, children, last residence Oleszycze
Teodor Malko, child, age 0, 11 months, male, children, last residence Oleszycze

Maria Malko, mother, age 65, female, widow, last residence Oleszycze, passage paid for by son
Pieter Malko, brother, age 36, male, married, labourer, last residence Oleszycze, passage paid for by brother
Katerina Mosyl, niece, age 15, female, single, servant, last residence Oleszycze, passage paid for by self

11 Manitoba Vital Statistics.

12 National Archives of Canada, Microfilm T-18356.

13 Mrs. Antonia (Malko) Magura, born 1912, telephone interview .. 204-268-2754, Beausejour, Manitoba. telephone interview,
with 90 year old Antonia (Malko) Magura

R0E 0C0
(204) 268-2754

April 16, 2002, she says she is 90 years old and is the sister to Katherine (Malko) Kula who married Lawrence Kula, and that her parents were Metro Malko and Ann Mozel. Her brothers and sisters were Nettie, Annie, Fred, Steve, and Mary as well as Katherine. She said that Metro Malko came to Canada from Europe (unknown locality) in 1904 along with his mother Mary.. Metro's father died in Europe prior to coming to Canda. Metro also had a brother Petro and a brother John who also came to the area near Winnipeg. John died early but Petro (Peter)and Metro are both buried in the Sapton cemetery.
Katherine (Kula) Malko died Apr 1, 1924, while Metro Malko died Jan 4, 1947 and his brother Petro Malko died Dec 11, 1956. Antonia keeps the family records of marriages and deaths in a small book.

April 17, 2002. Antonia says that the her parents (Metro Malko and Ann Mozel and grandmother Mrs. Mary Malko originally came from a town called Milkiw in Europe. (not sure of spelling) . One of her nephews (Barry Malko) had been to Europe to see the town and has done some family Malko family research. Does not have telephone number but lives in town called Silver Spring(s) in United States.
Her father was always called Metro Malko, never Dan Malko to her knowledge. Regarding Lawrence Kula, he had at least a couple of brothers that she was aware of: Anton and Steve. The parents of Antonia (Metro Malko and Ann Mozel) were married in Europe and brought their youngest four children with them to Canada. Antonia doesnt know the birth dates of her brothers and sisters. Regarding her grandparents: She is sure that her grandmother Malko name was Mary as she lived in Manitoba with her parents and thinks that her grandfather Malko was Steve. Antonia does not know the name of her grandparents on the Mozel side of the family.

14 Duglald Women's Institute, Dugald, Manitoba, Springfield, 1st Rural Municipality in Manitoba, 1873-1973 (Standard book number 0-919212-40-9, copyright 1974, printed by D. W. Friesen & Sons. Ltd., Altona, Manitoba).

15 National Archives of Canada, 1901 census Springfield R.M., District 11- Selkirk, Subdivsion 3, page 10, film T-6435. :
1901 census, film T-6435, Springfield, Manitoba, page 10

Kula, Anton, male, Husband, married, born May 17, 1854, age 46, born Galicia, immigrated to Canda 1898, parents born Galicia, religian: Roman Catholic, occupation: Farmer
Kula, Annie, female, Wife, married, born Dec 21, 1856, age 44, born Galician, immigrated 1898, parents born Galicia, Roman Catholic

", Valvara, male, son, single, born Aug 24, 1893, age 17, born Galicia, as above
", Catherine, female, daughter, single, born Nov 14, 1888, age 12, born Galicia, as above
", Mary, female, daughter, single, born Nov 26, 1890, age 10, as above
", Anton, male, son, single, born May 14, 1893, age 7, as above
",Roselin?, female, daughter, single, born Aug 26, 1894, age 6, as above
", Stephen, male, son, single, born Dec 26, 1897, age 3, as above
", Annie, female, daughter, single, born Nov 1, 1899, age 1, born Manitoba,

16 Manitoba Vital Statistics. :
Provice of Manitboa, Official Registration of Death
Place of death: Sec 24, Twp 12, Rge. 5, Selkirk General Hospital
Length of Stay: in Municipality: 2 months, in province: 40 years, in Canada: 40 years
Full name of deceased: KULA, LAURENCE
residence: Sec 24-12-5E
Sex: Male, Canadian: Racial origin: Polish, Widowed:
Birthplace: AUSTRIA
Date of birth: Aug 11, 1883, age: 68 years
Profession: Farmer
Date last worked at that profession: June 15, 1951, total years in occupation: 40 years
if married, widowed, maiden name of wife: KATHRIN MALKO
Name of father: MIKE KULA
Birthplace of father: Austria
Maiden name of mother: unknown, birthplace of mother: unknown
signature of informant: Steve Jusawicz??, son in law
address of informant: Beausejour, Man.
Place of burial: Cooks Creek Roman Catholic Cemetery,
Date of burial: August 28, 1951

Date of Death: 12:30 pm, 25 day of Aug, 1951
signed by Wm S. Reid, of Selkirk, Date 25 Aug, 1951

17 Manitoba Vital Statistics.

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