Central Kelowna School District #23
1950 -1962

Graham Street Primary School, Dehart Avenue Primary School,
Martin Avenue Elementary School, Glenmore Elementary School,
Raymer Avenue School, Glenn Avenue School, Central Elementary School,
Kelowna Junior High School, Kelowna Secondary School
Immaculata High School

In Memoriam as of December 19, 2016

Harry Almond, deceased 2nd July, 2014, age 98 in Kelowna, BC

English, Social Studies, Public Speaking Club

ALMOND, Harry Passed away peacefully on July 2, 2014 at 98 years old. Harry was born in Preston, England where he and his 5 brothers were raised by his widowed mother. Harry met the love of his life, Jacqueline, at the Blackpool dancehall the night before departing with the RAF in WWII. Harry served as a radio/morse code operator on board aircraft based out of Khartoum, Sudan and Cairo, Egypt.

In 1955 Harry immigrated to Kelowna with his family where he taught for many years at KSS. Harry was a voracious reader and a life-long learner who never tired of researching subjects. Harry's passion was the great outdoors, hiking, 'bush whacking', and exploring 'his' valley. In 1996, Harry and his friend, Gord, conquered Mt. Almond. Known for the jaunty, purposeful spring in his step, Harry was a truly gracious gentleman-courteous, debonair, and charming. An adventurer to the end.

With great love, he is survived by his wife of 69 years, Jacky; daughters Kay (Denny, Jacky), Lynne (Wayne, Skye (Paul, Logan), Sean), and Jill (Richard (deceased), Dawn, Charity (Jason), Jordan (Claire, Caius). A special thanks to the staff at SPV, the palliative nurses, and the rehab team. Harry has requested that "such friends as are capable of doing justice to the occasion in his spirit", come to a get together at Sun Pointe Village, 700 Rutland Road North on Tuesday, July 8 at 2:30. No donations or flowers please. Condolences may be sent to www.everdenrust.com


Hillian, George Alexander, deceased June 5th, 2013, age 91

George loved to laugh, sing, garden, talk politics and sports, and was a ferocious scrabble player. His fierce intellect and often irascible persona masked a gentle nature and generosity of spirit that endeared him to many. We will miss him tremendously.

 July 6th, 1967

Terror grips a quiet Point Grey neighbourhood as, without warning, two people are seriously wounded, two others are murdered in their own backyard, multiple houses are riddled with gunfire, and the area is turned into a suburban war zone by a man who will become known as the Point Grey Sniper.

At approximately 9pm, Mr. and Mrs. David Webster are shot through the chest, dying instantly, before the Sniper turns his sights on the home of Mrs. Hilda Baxter, firing several shots at her through her living room window, while she sits reading the paper. Baxter, hit in the arm, manages to call the police, but not before the Sniper is able to shoot into a gathering crowd outside.

“I heard what sounded like a shot,” John Walsh, (who is standing outside with his friend Patti Barrass at the time of shooting) will recall. “I thought it was a rifle. I suggested to Patti that we stop and turn back, but she said there didn’t seem to be anything dangerous, so we went on. The next thing I knew there was another shot, and Patti fell.”

“A young couple were talking on the boulevard,” witness John McFarlane will recall, in an interview with The Province, “and a man appeared in an upstairs window of the house across the street and shot the woman. She screamed for several minutes after she fell to the ground. Her companion tried to get to her but the man in the attic started to shoot at him.”

The barrage of gunfire lasts for approximately ten minutes, with residents cowering behind automobiles, and on the floor of their homes, before Vancouver Police arrive on the scene, and arrest a 35-year-old former RCAF Airman named Arthur John Towell, without incident.

Towell is talked into surrendering by his parents (with whom he lives), and, when taken away by police, is caught with seven rifles, five handguns, one shotgun, and 2366 rounds of ammunition. He is quickly charged with two counts of capital murder, and two counts of attempted murder. He refuses to speak to police or authorities, and little reason for his rampage is ever uncovered.

“I just don’t understand it,” one neighbour is quoted as saying. “His parents seemed like such nice people.”

-The Dependent Magazine is a Vancouver-based publication of daring and creative works of journalism and entertainment. -

Dave Webster was our very respected physics and mathematics teacher for our grade 13 classes at the Kelowna High School in 1963 and taught many of us to appreciate both the wonder of physics and the power of calculus. Dave Webster was also our beloved rowing coach at KHS and will be forever missed..

( Arthur John Towell age 35, was a Canadian Air Force veteran and was committed to an institution, jca)


LARSON, Chester James

Passed away in Kelowna General Hospital – Ches Larson, KSS teacher of 33 years.He is survived by his loving wife Ev, and his children: Ken (Lynne), Al (Val), Judy (Gerald), Sue (John), six grandchildren and six great grandchildren.Ches enjoyed dancing, rock collecting, wine making, most sports and his family. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. 3/04/1923 -18/12/2008

John Garfield McKinley
MCKINLEY, John Garfield - passed away on Oct. 22nd, 2009 at the age of 95.
From 1942 to 1974 “Gar” was an inspirational music teacher to thousands of young people in the Oliver and Kelowna School districts.

Mr David Alexander Webster, tragic death by gunshot in Vancouver in 1967, age 31
Math and Physics teacher at KSS and our rowing coach.

Mr. Charles G. Webb, deceased March 1991, age 71 in Hope BC
Industrial Arts teacher


Miss Nancy Gale, born England, deceased Kelowna, BC, Jan 17, 1974 at age 70.
(Miss Anne Moira Gale)
Miss Gale was a teacher at KSS for 37 years, retiring in 1967.
English, French, Annual Club

See Kelowna Courier newspaper article here..


Mr. Walter Chester Green
1921- 1976 deceased Kelowna
Chemistry, Mathematics, Boy's Soccer, Boy's Softball


Mr. Robert McLelland
1912- 1994 deceased Kelowna, BC
Commerical Subjects, Annual Club, (Typing)


Mr. Roland Thomas Green
died May 29th, 1971. Fell from a ladder at home. age 68
English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Annual Club


Mr. Donald Scott Conley Wood
1915-1970 deceased Kelowna
Boy's Councillor, Geography, Canadian History, Radio-Drama Club



Mr. Raymond John Wunderlich,
1924- Sept 6th, 2005, Victoria, BC
Science, Physics, Curling Club

( Mr. Wunderlich did a very good job at keeping Jimmy Anderson in check in grade 9)


Mr. Alan Graham Scutt, deceased 2007, Kelowna BC
Social Studies, Commercial, Boy's Volleyball


Mr. Roy B. Lobb (1903-1981)
died Oct 31st, 1981, age 77, Kelowna, BC
English, Radio-Drama Club

Mr. Harold (Hal) Eustace Odlum , deceased Nov 15, 1985, Kelowna, BC, age 74




Mr. Kelly Slater (our popular grade 6 teacher at Kelowna Central Elementary)
retired in Lantzville, Vancouver Island and died in 2001.
His wife Pearl, (also a school teacher) lived on until 2012 when she passed away.

Mrs Mary Deacon, deceased Kelowna, July 27th, 1997 at age 86.
French, French Club, French Plays

survived by daughters Valerie Deacon and Meaghan Dean.
(French teacher at KSS and George Elliott Secondary in Winfield. until retiring in 1974.)

CHARLES A. BRUCE, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Principal, Kelowna High School

Deceased July 23rd, 2011, (1917 - 2011)

Passed away peacefully in KGH July 23, 2011 with family at his bedside after a brief illness.

Charles started his teaching career in Upper Pine School near Ft. St. John in 1938. He served as a navigator in the Air Force during WWII. From 1947 - 1963, he was a teacher, vice-principal and principal in Kelowna Secondary School and principal in Rutland Secondary School. Then he was appointed Superintendent of Schools in Revelstoke/Golden (63 - 69) and Kamloops (69 - 77)

 Mr. Mark Rose, band teacher, KHS, deceased in Vernon, BC

( Saturday, 08 Mar 2008 )

Mark Rose passed away in Hospice House on Saturday March 8, 2008 -- 3 days after his 84th birthday. Mark started playing trumpet in the band at Mission, BC. And at age 15 was playing dances in the Fraser Valley. When he left to attend UBC, he joined the Vancouver Musicians Union and played professionally in various groups, while he earned a degree B.Sc. in Agriculture. Later he got a Masters of Education at Western Washington. And taught at Oliver, Kelowna, and University Hill (Vancouver). He was Supervisor of Music in New Westminster from 1958 ?- 1962. Then Prof. of Music Education in the Faculty of Education UBC, becoming Prof. Emeritus. Mark was a Councillor for the District of Coquitlam 1965 - 66. Went on to become an M.P. in Ottawa, acting as NDP Caucus Chair for 8 years. Then became an MLA in Victoria for 13 years, serving as NDP House Leader. His final career was in London, England as Agent General for British Columbia in the U.K. and Europe. During all his working years he was a member of the Kelowna Kinsmen Club, President of B.C. Music Educators, Director UBC Alumni Assoc., Member Rotary Club London UK, Freeman City of London, UK, Director Assoc. former MPs, and President Assoc. of former MLAs . When Mark retired and came back to Vernon, shortly thereafter he started a Swing Band made up of a variety of musicians keen and appealing, and a gratifying hobby for his retirement.

Mr. Ronald Stanley Haskins ( 1928- 2011)

 by Don Burnett - Kelowna Capital News
posted Oct 6, 2011 at 5:00 AM

I’ve written before about the importance of teachers and mentors in my life from elementary school to high school and beyond. I am fortunate to enjoy continued relations with many of them in my adult life because of my exposure to the public with both my family business and my subsequent consulting business.

So I was saddened to read the passing of my first male teacher and the last of my elementary teachers before graduating to junior high in 1963. Ron Haskins was my Grade 6 teacher at Raymer Elementary and it was a novelty back then to have a man heading up the class. We learned about batteries and the principles of wiring in series and parallel; something I still remember as if it were yesterday.

I remember him as well when I was being reprimanded for something, and of course I can’t remember what the reason was because I was such a good little boy. I do remember, however, the word “attitude” was top of mind for a few days and I think I was better for it.

Ron, as he insisted I call him when we reconnected in my young adult life, became a friend as has been the case with many of my former teachers. In fact, I was honoured to council him as time went on with all things gardening and he in turn restored a couple of antique wooden carpentry levels for me.

I am very sad to think I won’t be having Mr. Haskins in my life anymore and I’m sure there are many who feel the same. Don Burnett.

(a note by Jim Anderson. Some years earlier, Mr. Ron Haskins was also my grade 6 teacher at Kelowna Central Elementary and he instilled a healthy interest in me of the elementary sciences. I was impressed when Mr. Haskins demonstrated how much the physical dimensions of a solid iron ring change when heated.
He was a fine and respected teacher.)


Mr. John Everett (Ev) Greenaway, deceased March 9, 1990, Kelowna, BC, age 82
(Mr. Greenaway taught grade 6 for years at Central Elementary School in Kelowna)

Elsie Jane Burbank, deceased Victoria BC, Jan 4, 1989, age 78
Ms Burbank taught many of the Kelowna grade 5 students
at the Central Elementary School

deceased Sept 2009

car accident, May 1964

deceased Sept 10, 2010

deceased Dec 24, 1965, age 22, car accident

Donna (Herrington) Paice, deceased August 2008



WARMAN, Richard (Roy) -
Passed away in Penticton on February 7, 2010 at the age of 67. 


deceased 2009

Eileen (Weisbeck ) Scriver, Jan 17, 1944 - Dec 27, 1996

Nicolaas Caljouw
( Mr. Gable's class, Martin Ave School, grade 5)
( Mr. Maier's class at Central Elementary School, grade 6)
(graduated Rutland High School 1962)
deceased 1995, Kamloops, BC

John Peter (Pete) Olinger
deceased Kelowna, BC, September 13, 2011, age 67

James Allan (Jim) Runzer, Apr 13, 1943 - Nov 25, 1993
deceased, Vancouver General Hospital, age 50

died June 16, 2003
Nanaimo, BC

Don Wishlow, deceased

Pat Haddad, deceased

Marilyn (Moen) Deleurme
.. deceased March 2011


Wayne Adams, deceased,
April 6th, 1960, age 16, Kelowna


deceased March 13, 2009,
age 65



Bob Sexsmith, deceased

Susan (Johnson) Darrell,
deceased November, 2005
Kamloops, BC

Janet Lynne Reid
deceased Feb 9, 2012
Victoria, BC

Sidney Orval Shussel deceased
March 29, 1967,
Prince George, BC
age 24, car accident

Evelyn (Thiessen) Thompson
THOMPSON, Ev - Passed away suddenly with her family by her side on Sunday, February 22, 2009 at the age of 65.

Doug Hecko,
deceased March 2009
Kelowna, BC

Diane (Springer) Down
deceased Kelowna, BC,
28 June 1983, age 39,
lung cancer


Gail (Gordon) Muranitz,
deceased Edmonton, 2010

Margaret (Reglin) Rorick
deceased Jan 31, 2011

Ernie Strickland
deceased Feb 18, 2009
Powell River, BC

Vernon Titanich,
deceased about 2002
Kelowna, BC.


Ivor Theodore (Teddy) Soderberg
deceased April 29, 1963,
age 20
near Kamloops, BC.

Gary Clinton Marshall,
deceased Kelowna BC

Feb 25, 1989, age 46

Dale Franklin
(see Mr. Glover's
class of 1955)

Audrey Krassman
16 Feb, 1999,

 Jim McDonell

Kelowna, BC

Louise (Bowie) Pyle
deceased Jan 16, 2013
Kelowna, BC

 Richard Wheeler
Kelowna, BC

Feb 27, 2014

 Jim Hawthorne
deceased Vernon, BC

June 4,

DEGENHARDT, Peter Frans: Peter was born October 31, 1942 and sadly passed away on October 7, 2014 in Vernon, BC at the age of 71 years. He leaves behind, his partner Michelle, her daughter Trina and her children Brock, Braxon, Bella; his brothers John and Bob; Jessica and many friends. A Celebration of Life will be held at the Best Western Hotel, 2402 Hwy 97 North, Kelowna, BC on Saturday, November 8, 2014 from 1-5pm.

 Donald Sexsmith,
December, 2014

Patricia Vipond

Dec 22, 1945
-July 13, 2015)
Kamloops, BC


Warren Dunaway
born.January 24,1944, Kelowna BC
died. Sept 22, 2015, Campbell River, BC


 Mike Skubiak

April 17, 1943

October 7, 2015

Kelowna, BC

 POSTLE, NEIL- died in his home on Thursday evening, December 10th, 2015 of a heart attack. A celebration of his life will be held in Vernon on Sat, Dec 19, 2015 at the Vernon Christian Fellowship Hall ...4506 –29th St in Vernon at 1pm.

 Wayne Eberle,
born Kelowna, BC
died at Granisle Copper Mine, Granisle, BC,
16th January, 1969, age 26, single, miner
buried Gibsons, BC,
January 18th, 1969

Alex Atagi,
died in the lower mainland
on July 1st, 2007, as per daughter Tracy Atagi.

 David Bismeyer
born 1944, died 2001,
buried Kelowna Cemetery, Kelowna, BC


Joe Stoltz passed away on April 27, 2016 at the age of 71 in his peaceful suite up in the hills of Peachland. He is survived by his son Darren and his family, and his sister Bernice. Joe was predeceased by his mother Anna, his father Peter, his sister Philomena, and his brother Tony.

Joe was always ready to make a new friend, and made plenty over the course of his life. Laughter and jokes were common when in his company, and this helped to make him an excellent salesman at many junctures in his life. His one main passion was music, and whether it was playing the drums, as he did so often when he was younger, or listening to music as he grew older, Joe always had an excellent ear for a superb melody and rhythm. Where he is now, the music will never end, and there will never again be another sour note.

Bernadette Schaefer 
Kelowna, BC

TARKO, Bernadette Grace March 14, 1944 - April 25, 2013 In memory of a beloved and beautiful mother, wife, grandmother, Bernadette leaves behind husband Maurice Tarko; son Warren (Cheryl) Marshall; daughter Lisa Marshall, grandsons Cody and Jesse Marshall; sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews.

 Albert C. Bosch
Kelowna, BC

1944 - 2009

BOSCH, Albert C. Born in Burstall, Saskatchewan and passed away on Saturday, October 10, 2009 in Kelowna, BC at the age of 65. He is survived by his loving wife Karen; two daughters: Elenore (Brent) of Kelowna, Kathy (Warren) of Kelowna; son Adrian of South Dakota; two step-sons: Steven Tracy of Kelowna, Michael Tracy (Tawny) of Kelowna; eight grandchildren; three brothers: Don (Val), Roy (Beth) and Paul (Pauline) all of Kelowna; six sisters: Betty Bonogofski of Saskatchewan, Barb Galloway of Vancouver, Eleanor Gatzkie (Alf) of Kelowna, Ann Bohn (Peter) of Kelowna, Angela Scott of Kelowna, and Theresa Roshinsky (Alf) of Kelowna. Predeceased by four sisters: Veronica Stolz, Rosina Ziebart, Jean Wingenbach and Mary Koch; two brothers: Mike and Pius Bosch; three brothers-in-law: Walt Galloway, Ole Bonogofski and John Wingenbach.


KITSCH, Kenneth Rudy "Ken": Ken passed away Saturday September 10, 201 6 with his family and friends by his side. He was seventy-two. Ken is survived by Troy,
Heath, Warren, Bruce, Drew and Leigh,4 nephews, a niece and many, many friends. A memorial service will be held at First United Church at 721 Bernard Ave at 2:00 pm on September 24,2016.

Ian Gerald Robertson (Gerry Robertson)
died in Kelowna, BC, 28 April, 1977, age 34
acute spinal injury , motor vehicle accident