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January 5, 2007, Received and transcribed the 1909 marriage registration of John Pickering and Florence Louisa Dockrey of Runcorn, Cheshire.

December 27, 2006, Located and ordered from England the 1909 marriage registration for John Pickering and Florence Louisa Dockrey of Runcorn , Cheshire. Located and added the WWII Memorial record of Fusilier Leonard Pickering, 1922- Nov 14, 1944.

December 26, 2006, added the 1891 birth registration of Vera Kathleen Vanderwater of Hallowell, Ont. Added the 1891 marriage registration of David Vanderwater and Anna McFaul of Hallowell, Ont.

September 26, 2006, Added additional narrative family information of Earl Winfield Blaricom as supplied by the Pickering family.

August 16, 2006, added the 1841 and the 1861 census records for the family of Steel and Janet Hawthorn of Holytown and Dalry, Aryshire. Added the 1867 death registration of Janet (Pollock) Hawthorn of Dalry, Aryshire. Added the 1851 census records for the family of Alexander and Jane McKinven, and 6 mos old daughter Margaret of Killean and Kilkenzie, Argyleshire. Added the 1851 census record of Niel McKinven, age 70 of Killean and Kilkenzie, Argyleshire.

May 9, 2006, Located and added the 1851 census record of the family of William Doig, hair dresser of Portobello, Midlothian, Scotland. Located and added the 1841 census record of Andrew (a tailor, age 32 ) and Isabella Kyles of St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh.

Added the 1841 and the 1851 census records for the family of Robert and Isabella McKinven of Tayinloan, Argyll, Scotland.

February 11, 2006. Checking the Knibbs-Hawthorn-Johnston connection out as after the 1903 death of William Johnston in the mining accident in Scotland, Margaret (Hawthorn) Johnston was said to have linked up with one William Knibbs. (who had previously been married as well). Checking the National Archives of Canada, their immigration record of 22 August 1925 was discovered when they arrived in Quebec City (both aged 56) on the C.P. ship Marburn along with 15 year old William Henry Knibbs.

Note: Agnes Hawthorn born (abt 1841) prior to marriage of William Hawthorn and Margaret Jack (1843). Marriage of Agnes should be checked for her parentage. Located her 1861 marriage in Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire to Andrew QUIN , Dec 20, 1861. She shows her parentage to be William Hawthorn and Margaret (Jack) Hawthorn.

February 10, 2006, Added 1871 census record for the family of Margaret Lindsay (Widow) of Ochiltree Parish, Ayrshire. Added 1871 census of Thomas Lindsay of Ochiltree Parish, Ayr, later shown to be brother-in-law of Margaret Lindsay and brother to Robert Lindsay. Added 1861 census of Robert and Margaret Lindsay of Mauchlin, Ayr. Added 1870 death registration Robert Lindsay, age 57, of Ochiltree, Ayr. Added 1832 death registration of Marion (Lindsay) McKinven, age 66 now of Edinburgh. Added the 1920 death registration of Hugh McKinven, age 65 , of Fenwick, Ayrshire, husband of Marion (Lindsay) McKinven. Added marriage (1807) and children of Thomas Lindsay and Margaret Morrison of Craigie, Ayrshire.

Added 1871 census for Alexander and Ann Moreland in Glasgow. Found ok with 2 previously unknown children Margaret A and Elisabeth Moreland. Added 1861 census for Alexander and Ann Moreland in Springburn, Glasgow. Added the 1861 birth registration of Sarah Eleanor Moreland hoping to find confirmation of marriage date of parents. Added the 1865 marriage registration (to John Allan) of Mary Moreland the eldest daughter of Alexander Moreland and finally found confirmation that Alexander Moreland had indeed been married previously to one Agnes Rodgers in Ireland.

February 9, 2006, Uploaded the newest revision of the Pickering/Kyles web site.

Added death registrations for 1874 death of Alexander McKinven, age 61. The 1899 death registration of Jane (Stewart) McKinven, age 73. The 1858 death registration of Robert McKinven, age 76. (all of the parish of Killean, Argyll)

February 8, 2006, added the 1861 and the 1871 census for the family of Andrew and Isabella Kyles of St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh.
Added the 1869 marriage registration of their son David Kyles and his wife Janet Ritchie, 8 June 1869 of Kirkiston, Linlithgow, Scotland. Added the 1871 census record of David and Janet (Ritchie) Kyles of St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh. Added the 1871 census record of Ann (Kyles) Maclagan and her six children of Newington, Edinburgh. Added the 1861 census record of the very large family of William and Ann Doig of Portobello, Scotland. Added the 1857 marriage record of David Calder (Widower) , brother of of our Ann Calder and son of William Calder, boot and shoemaker and son of Jean (Calder) Kilpatrick. The wife of David Calder turned out to be Mary Mowat (or Mouat) from the Mouat family of Delting, Shetlands. Added the parents of Mary Mowat and at least some of her siblings as per church registers of Delting.

Added the 1817 marriage of William Calder and Jane Kilpatrick, Canongate, Edinburgh

February 7, 2006, added the 1861 census record for the family of John William and Julia Dockrey of Altrincham, Cheshire
Added the 1861 census record of widower Alexander Sandys, age 67. retired farmer, born Ireland, and sons Thomas C, Nehemiah, and daughter Elizabeth M Sandys of North Myton, Yorkshire.

April 30, 2005, added the 1861 census record of the family of George and Amelia Tinsley of Weston, Runcorn, Cheshire.

March 26, 2005, Searching the new 1871 census records for Alexander McKinven,.. not yet found.. Located and added the 1871 census record for his brother Donald McKinven, age 53, Campbeltown, Argyll and family.

March 24, 2005, The 1871 indexed census records are now available from Scotland. Located and added the 1871 census for William and Elizabeth Kyles and family of Portobello, added the 1871 for the widow Ann Doig and family in Portobello, added 1871 for Andrew Kyles, age 62 and wife Isabella Kyles, age 63 of St. Cuthbert, Newington as well as newly-found daughter Agness Kyles, age 23.

March 22, 2004, added a map of the area of Cumberland including the parish of Hesket-in-the-Forest and the towns and villages of Penrith, Aiketgate, Ousby, Low Hesket, Farlam, Lanercost and Skelton, the home of the Pickering, Burrow, Irving (Irwin) and Westmorland families of the 1700's and 1800's.

March 23, 2005, March 22, 2005 will go down as a truly productive day into the research of the Pickering families from the area around Penrith, in Cumberland, England. It started with the detailed examination of the parish records of the Church of England from the parish of Hesket-in-the-Forest, Cumberland, just to the north of the present City of Penrith. It was known that the origin of our William Pickering was originally from the parish of Hesket as per the census record of 1871 in Penrith. A close examination of all the baptismal records determined that there were two families in that parish generating young Pickerings and both of them having parentage of Thomas Pickering and wife Elizabeth. Our's was a stone-mason by trade as per the baptsmal records of the children of Thomas and Elizabeth (matched up with census records) and the other was a Tailor.. (spelled Taylor on the baptismal records). Having cleared this confusion up, the marriage record of our Thomas Pickering and Elizabeth Burrow was located for the 11th day of June 1821 in Hesket parish. The origin of Thomas Pickering was determined to come from the couple of William Pickering and Hannah Westmorland with their marriage on the 16th of December 1795 in Ousby, Cumberland. The Burrow family was easy enough to research with 11 children being born in Lanercost, Farlam and Penrith from 1792 to 1813 to the couple of George Burrow and Jane Irwin or Irving (married 14 June 1791 in Lanercost, Cumberland) depending on who was doing the spelling. It was very interesting to note that the tradition of naming the children after the grandparents was followed to the letter by Thomas Pickering and his wife Elizabeth Burrow when they named their first four children William, George, Jane and Hannah.

All of the villages of these families (Low Hesket, Aiketgate, Ousby, Lanercost, Farlam, and Skelton) are centered around the larger towns of Penrith and Carlisle, Cumberland and it would appear that the families moved from village to village as employment presented itself.

March 7, 2005, received and transcribed the 1840 marriage registration of George Tinsley , occupation: Furnace Man (uhh...no, not a home furnace, this would be a smelting furnace) , and Amelia Green of Bolton, Lancashire. 2nd November 1840, fathers were Thomas Tinsley , occupation: Overlooker and George Green, occupation: Engineer

March 4, 2005, transcribed the newly received marriage registration for John Dockery and his wife Julia Maria Sandys , married in the Saint Edwards Chapel, Runcorn, Cheshire, 27 December 1858. Added the death registration date of 1899 for Julia Maria Dockery, Lancashire as per GRO indexes.

February 15, 2005, located the 1840 marriage registration index for George Tinsley and Amelia Green (Bolton, Lancashire, December qtr, vol 21, page 56). Ordered the full registration from the GRO office, England. ( R Pickering's 2nd great grandparents)

February 14, 2005, added a number of chronology events to the family of George Jack and Jean Hill, (19th century Lanarkshire)
Also finally located the marriage registration index for Juia Maria Sandys and John Dockrey (shows as John Dockery), 1858, Runcorn, December qtr, vol 8a, page 333. ordered full details from the GRO England. ( R Pickering's 2nd great grandparents)

February 3, 2005, now searching the microfilms containing the parish records from the St. Andrew's parish Church, of Penrith, Cumberland, retrieving baptisms, marriages and deaths that relate to the families of Hudson, Pickering and Nanson. Added a good number of entries to the database today.

February 3, 2005, received a copy of the very welcome ancestral research of the Nanson, Hudson and Pickering familes of Penrith, Cumberland, commissioned in 2002 by Ms. Patricia Sears of Ottawa, ON which included the wills of William Nanson, 1833, John Hudson, 1836, and his wife Elizabeth Hudson of 1865. Also included were many parish register entries of the Nanson and Hudson families. Thank you Patricia Sears....

January 24, 2005, received from the GRO in England , the birth registrations of Frances Tinsley, (1853) , and Lilley Myers (1863). Added to database and added images to the "Vital" page on this web site.

January 13, 2005, from the 1861 census of Penrith, added the census record of Elizabeth Hudson, now age 72, a retired Tallow Chandler and her unmarried daughter Isabella, age 42. Another daughter Hannah is the wife of William Pickering as shown on the January 11th notation. Also from the 1861 census, added John Hudson, age 37 , a Tallow Chandler, with wife and family. John is a son of the Elizabeth Hudson (age 72) as shown above.

January 12, 2005, From the 1851 census of Penrith, Cumberland were added Thomas (a stone mason) and Elizabeth Pickering, the parents of Thomas Wm. Pickering and his sister Elizabeth Jane Pickering. From the 1851 census, also added Elizabeth Hudson (age 62) and her son John Hudson and his small family who had a small business making candles in Penrith. Added the 1841 census record for the Elizabeth Hudson family which now shows Hannah Hudson, age 15 who later marries William Pickering. His parents, Thomas and Elizabeth Pickering are also added from the 1841 census.

January 12, 2005, ordered from LDS Salt Lake City the parish registers of St. Andrew's Church, Penrith, Cumberland. Expect 3 week delivery.

January 11, 2005, searched the Penrith, Cumberland census films for 1851 and 1861 for Pickering family members. On 1861 Penrith , found the entire family of William and Hannah Pickering, his occupation General Clerk, complete with four children . John H, age 15, Elizabeth J. age 13, Thomas W. age 11, and somebody new.. Annie M Pickering. age 4. This family not yet located on the 1851 census.

December 26, 2004, the marriage registration for William Pickering and Hannah Hudson still eludes discovery, but an interesting marriage for a William Pickering in Sept qtr of 1840 in Penrith is worth looking at and so ordered this one from the GRO office.

December 25, 2004, located a number of the birth registrations for the children of George and Sarah Myers of Birkenhead and Runcorn but ordered only one, that being the birth registration of Lilley Myers, 3rd quarter of 1863, registration district of Birkenhead. This is a great grandmother of Dr. Roger Pickering. Added the extended family of the John and Eleanor Simpson, whose family married into the Dockrey family via Alexander Dockrey.

December 24, 2004, located and added the 1871 census records for the Tinsley family of Runcorn, Cheshire.

Defined and ordered from the GRO in England, the 1853 birth registration of Frances Tinsley, the great-grandmother of Dr. Roger Pickering.

Added the 1871 and the 1901 census records for the George Myers family, Added the 1871 , 1881 , and the 1891 census records for John and Julia Dockrey and family in Sheffield.

Added the 1901 census record for the young widow of Alexander Dockrey (Florence E (Simpson) Dockrey) and family in Chorton upon Medlock, South Manchester, Lancs.

December 23, 2004, added the parents and siblings of William Pickering of Hesket, Cumberland as well as the parents and siblings of Hannah Hudson of Penrith, Cumberland as per Church of England, Bishop's transcripts of parish records.

December 22, 2004, added the 1845 birth registration of John Hudson Pickering, the child of William Pickering and Hannah (Hudson) Pickering, Penrith, Cumberland.
added the 1876 death registration of William Pickering, Wool Stapler, Penrith.
added the 1889 death registration of Hannah Pickering , widow of William Pickering, Woolstapler, Penrith, Cumberland.

December 2, 2004, ordered from LDS the microfilms containing the 1841, 1851, and the 1861 census records for Penrith. expect 4 week delivery.. Found and ordered from the GRO , the death registration for Hannah Pickering, age 65, registered Penrith, 3rd Quarter, 1889. Found and ordered from GRO the death registration of William Pickering, age 53, registered 1st quarter, 1876, Penrith. Expect 3 week delivery.

Nov 28, 2004, located Hannah Pickering, age 53, now a widow, still living in Penrith, Cumberland, born Penrith as well. Located a birth registration for one John Hudson Pickering, birth registered in Penrith, 3rd quarter of 1845, to William and Hannah Pickering. ordered this registration for GRO England.

Nov 27, 2004, finally located the family of William Pickering ( wool stapler and weigh master), and his wife Hannah, with his two adult children Thomas William Pickering and Elizabeth Jane Pickering all living in Penrith, Cumberland, England in 1871. Also present was the 10 month old daughter of Elizabeth Pickering being Mary Elizabeth Pickering , born in Penrith.

Nov 7, 2004, added a "Photo Page" to the Pickering family web site.

Nov 7, 2004, Received and added a transcription of the 1827 memorial to two daughters of George Jack and Jean Hill that was photographed for the family by Agnes Klinghofer a few days ago in the cemetery at the Shotts Church in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Nov 5, 2004, received a very welcome copy of the vital page from the bible of George Jack and Jean Hill married 1805. This bible would now be almost 200 years old. Added the image of this page to the "Vital Documents". Updated database with the vital data from it. The copy was received from Agnes Klinghofer.

Nov 2, 2004, added the transcription of the death registration for George Jack, grocer and spirit dealer, died 1855 in Newarthill, Lanarkshire, Scotland. This death registration contained a wealth of information including the names of his hildren and a second wife, Isabella.

Oct 28, 2004, located Mary Elizabeth Pickering, the 10 yr old child of Elizabeth Jane Pickering on the 1881 census working as a "Nurse Child" still in Penrith, Cumberland where she was born in 1870. Ordered her birth registration from the GRO office as this is the earliest record found to date for the Pickering line. I suspect that among the Pickering families in Penrith are close relations to our Elizabeth Jane Pickering and by association, relatives of our Thomas Pickering, both of whom were born in Perth Scotland.

Oct 26, 2004, added the 1891 census record for Lillie Dockrey and children Florence and Arthur, living with Lillie's parents George and Sarah Myers, in Weston, Cheshire

Oct 4, 2004, added 1875 Lanarkshire Poor Law records for Margaret (Jack) Hawthorn, added more members of the William Hawthorn and Margaret Jack family as per the Lanarkshire Poor Law records.. Aded the family of Andrew Queen and Agnes Hawthorn as per the 1881 census record.

Oct 3, 2004, posted to the "Vital Documents" page, the images of the 1886 probate court records for the estate of William Kyles, photographer, Ayrshire, Scotland.

March 4, 2004, added the newspaper account of the inquest into the 1905 death of Thomas William Pickering of Runcorn, Cheshire.

March 1, 2004, added another couple of further Doig generations as per the website and database of Ken Doig and Dr. Suzanne Doig. Added the 1863 death registration of William Doig, master hairdresser of Portobello, Scotland.

Feb 26, 2004, After discovering the web site of Ken Doig and Dr. Suzanne Doig (www.doig.net) I was able to add the parents of William Doig (Charles Doig and Elizabeth Beaton). Added the parents of Ann Calder (William Calder and Jane Kilpatrick), Added marriage of Charles Doig and Elizabeth Beaton (1774), Located and added the 1881 census record from London for the widowed Ann (Calder) Doig and most of her family. Added a couple of the younger children of William Doig and Ann (Calder) Doig. Noted that William Doig served in the British Army in India for 4 years. Sent the death registrations for William Kyles and Elizabeth (Doig) Kyles to www.doig.net for their files.

Feb 20, 2004, Added the 1931 death registration for Elizabeth (Doig) Kyles (age 91) in Glasgow. Added the 1886 death registration for William Kyles (age 48) in Ayr., Added 1881 census record for Alexander MacLagan (age 27) ,who was the informant for the death of his uncle William Kyles in 1886., Added the 1885 death registration for Isabella (McDonald) Kyles, age 77, widow of Andrew Kyles of Colinton, Edinbugh. Added the 1881 death registration of Andrew Kyles, age 73, married to Isabella McDonald. Added the 1886 death registration of David Kyles , age 75, of Dysart, Fife, son of Andrew Kyles and Ann Dewar. Added the 1896 death registration of David Kyles, age 59, of Canongate, Edinburgh, son of Andrew Kyles and Isabella McDonald. Added the parish records of the family of David Kyles and Ann Button of Dysart, Fife, period of 1834- 1844. Added the 1881 census record of David Kyles (now age 70) of Dysart, Fife, occupation Baker.

Feb 19, 2004, added the 1922 marriage registration for Robert McKinven and Dinah Moreland in Glasgow, Scotland. Added the death registration for Samuel John Moreland, 1948, age 83 in Prestwick, Ayr. Added 1868 death registration of Janet or Jessie (Innes) Law, wife of David Law from Newhills, Aberdeen. Added 1873 death registration of Jane (Scott) Innes, 90 yr old widow of George Innes in Newhills, Aberdeen.

February 17, 2004, added the 1881 census record for David Law (age 66), a shoemaker in Newhills, Aberdeen, added the parish Register record for the birth of David Law, 1814, added death record of David Law, 1903, age 88, added the 1901 census record for David Law in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Located and added the birth and christening records of the twelve children of James Johnston and Margaret Meston in Maryculter Parish, Kincardine, 1825- 1844, located parish christening record for William Law, brother to David Law, (1815), added the birth and christening records for the seven children of David Law and Janet Innes (1836-1852) in Newhills, Aberdeen.

February 16, 2004, located and added the 1881 census record for the family of George and and Jane (Law) Johnston in Aberdeen, Scotland. Located and added the death registration for Margaret (Jack) Hawthorn, Oct 14, 1898. Added the 1891 census record for family of Mrs. Margaret (Jack) Hawthorn, age 70 in Hamilton, Lanarkshire. Added the death registration for William Hawthorn, Spirit Merchant, Oct 30, 1873. Added birth registration for Margaret Hawthorn, May 12, 1869. Added birth registration for Maria Law Johnston, Aug 26, 1867. Located and added the 1881 census for David Law (age 66) in Newhills, Aberdeen, Scotland

February 16, 2004, located and added marriage registration for Albert Kyles and Margaret Law Johnstone, 1919, William Johnston and Margaret Hawthorne, 1890, and George Johnston and Jane Law, 1857 . Added death registration for William Johnston, 1903, added birth registration for Margaret Johnstone, 1896. Added 1891 and 1901 census records for the family of William Johnston and Margaret Hawthorn.

January 21, 2003, added the 1905 death registration for Thomas William Pickering, died Runcorn, Cheshire, added the 1929 death registration of Elizabeth Jane (Pickering) Tinsley, widow of George Tinsley.

December 26, 2002, requested by fax three death registrations from England, 1. Thomas William Pickering sometime after 1901, 2. Elizabeth Jane (Pickering) Tinsley, sometime after 1901, 3. Elizabeth Pickering , age 72, Sept 1891, Runcorn, Cheshire.( as yet #3 is inconclusive)

Nov 19, 2002, received the birth registration from England for John William Dockrey, born to John Dockrey, Police Constable and Julia Maria Sands. Altrincham, Cheshire, England, 2nd Dec, 1859.

Oct 31, 2002, added more details of the Alger family the United Empire Loyalists. Also added documentation regarding the Conger Methodist Church of Prince Edward County, Ontario, that was built in part by the efforts of Abraham VanBlaricom in 1809.

Oct 14, 2002, added further details of the United Empire Loyalist families of Barker and Clapp, both ancestors of Mrs. Verna (VanBlaricom) Pickering. Also added further details of early Vanderwater families.

Oct 6, 2002, added extensive new family details for the Stickney, and Barker . They were United Empire Loyalists who emigraged to Ontario from the Eastern seaboard of United States in the 1780's. These details were kindly supplied by researcher Doug Norman of Vancouver, B.C.

Oct 4, 2002, retrieved all of the 1871 Ontario census records for the Van DerWater families. (in all their spelling variations) and have entered about half of them into the database. More to follow. Discovered the 1809 marriage record in Fredericksburgh of Jan (John) Van de Water and Sarah Clapp from the marriage and baptism records of the Rev. Robert McDowall of Ontario who attended to the United Empire Loyalists in Ontario. Jan and Sarah Van de Water are the great great grandparents of Mrs. Verna Pickering of Kelowna, B.C.

Sept 30, 2002, received the marriage registration for George Tinsley and Elizabeth Jane Pickering, dated 17 June, 1883, Runcorn, Cheshire, England, Note: The bride's father William Pickering described as "Accountant"

Sept 30, 2002, downloaded many 1901 census records from the new British census internet site.. particulary worthwhile were the records of the Pickering , Tinsley and Dockrey families in Runcorn, Cheshire. Added all records to the database.

Sept 19, 2002, received from Diana Jacobs, the death registrations for Alexander Moreland (1892) and his wife Ann Gemmell (1878. complete with the names of both of their parents. Added all into database.

Sept 6, 2002, discovered that Elizabeth Jane Pickering, the sister to Thomas William Pickering was married in June of 1883 in Runcorn, Cheshire. She appears to have married the brother of Thomas's wife, one George Tinsley. Ordered copy of marriage registration from England. Expect 2-3 week delivery. This new data should allow deeper Pickering research.

June 15, 2002, continuation of adding scanned photographs of family members.

June 14, 2002, added extensive research submitted by Dave MacKinven of Auckland, N.Z and also by Marjorie Arroyo . This research covered the McKinven and Stewart families of Killean and Kilkenzie, Argyll, Scotland. and is greatly appreciated by the Pickering family.

May 29, 2002, adding a number of family and professional photographs of the ancestors of the Pickering and Kyles families.

April 14, 2002, located the 1881 census records for the Alexander Moreland family in Glasgow, Scotland and also for the Dinah Russel at age 15, the future wife of Samuel J. Moreland.

March 27, 2002, completed the data entry of the "Van Blaricom Family History" revision 29 January, 2002 compiled by Cheryl MacPhail of Asheville, NC. which included pedigrees and family group sheets covering the Van Blaricom families back to 1601 in Blaricum, Holland.

March 21, 2002, Interviewed Mr. Ian Kyles Sr.and added numerous details of the Kyles and Johnstone familes into the database.

March 19, 2002, added more of the close family members of Alison (Kyles) Pickering into the database.

March 15, 2002, located 1881 census data for the MYERS family in Cheshire and for Lillie Myers in Lancashire. Added all new MYERS data into the family database

March 13, 2002, located Elizabeth Jane Pickering, the sister to Thomas W. Pickering on the 1881 census record for Runcorn, Cheshire, England. Note that she was born in PERTH , SCOTLAND, which should help to locate the family on earlier dates.

March 13, 2002, added the four fathers of the four brides and grooms as described in the marriage registrations of the Pickering/Tinsley and the John Dockrey/ Lilly Myers marriages. Also added approx. birth dates for Dockrey and Myers.

March 13, 2002, received from England and added to the Vital Page, the marriage registrations for John William Landys Dockrey and Lily Myers (1886) and also the marriage registration for Thomas William Pickering and Frances Tinsley, (1877)

Feb 28, 2002, added a map page for Ireland, home of the Moreland family.

Feb 28, received from Scotland and added to database the marriage registration of Moreland/Russell (1886) and the birth registrations for Dinah Moreland (1891), Samuel John Moreland (1865) and Robert McKinven (1884)

February 19, 2002, requested a search and a copy of the marriage records from England for the couple of: Thomas Pickering / Frances Tinsley (abt 1876), and also that of John Dockrey and Lily Myers (abt 1885). Expect 1 month response.

February 19, 2002, added the remainder of the Van de Water family history compiled by Edna (Van de Water) Cameron.

February 19, 2002, located and entered into the database , the 1881 census record containing Thomas and Frances Pickering in Weston, Cheshire, England.

February 19, 2002, received and added the birth registrations for John Pickering, 1884 and for Florence Louisa Dockrey, 1888 and parents for both also added. Added copies of both to the Vital Page.

February 18, 2002, added most of the family history contained in 'The Van de Waters' compiled by Edna (Van de Water) Cameron...... more to come....

February 3, 2002, added a history of "Carte de Visite" photography of the 1900 century.

February 1, 2002, added more dates and locations for the family of David VanBlaricom as kindly supplied by Diana Russell of Kelowna, B.C.

Jan 31, 2002, located and added 1901 census data for the families of Samuel John Moreland and Hugh McKinven both of Scotland.

Jan 30, 2002, located and ordered from Scotland the birth registrations for Samuel John Moreland, 1865, Dinah Moreland, 1892 and also for Robert McKinven, 1884. Expect 2 week delivery by mail

Jan 30, 2002, located and ordered from Scotland the marriage registration for Samel John Moreland and Dinah Patterson Russell, 1886. Expect 2 week delivery by mail.

Jan 29, 2002, located and added the marriage record for Alexander McKinven and Jean (or Jane) Stewart, 28 Nov, 1849, Killean and Kilchenzie, Argyllshire.

Jan 29, 2002, made extensive searches of the Latter Day Saints, International Genealogoy Index files and added yet another generation of Andrew Kyles in Fife, Scotland. (Andrew Kyles and Margaret Hay) . This makes 3 generations of Andrew Kyles.

Jan 29, 2002, finally found the marriage record for Andrew Kyles and Isabella McDonald, 1827, Edinburgh, Scotland. (it was filed under Andrew Kyle, rather than Andrew Kyles)

Jan 29, 2002, added another generation to the VanBlaricom line, from the Patrick and Helen Duffy Database.

Jan 25, 2002, added another generation back into the Kyles family. Andrew Kyles and Ann Dewar.

Jan 25, 2002, added a load of new data on the Kyles family including Andrew Kyles, born 1809 in East Wemyss, Fife, Scotland and his wife Isabella McDonald.

Jan 25, 2002, added a "Vital Documents" section to the table of contents.

Jan 25, 2002, added marriage registration for William Kyles and Elizabeth Doig, (1864)

Jan 25, 2002, added marriage registration for Hugh McKinven and Marion Lindsay (1883)

Jan 21, 2002, added new generation for the VanBlaricom family.

Jan 18, 2002, added maps for Ontario, Hastings County and Sidney township.

Jan 17, 2002, added census data for 1881, 1891, 1901 for the VanBlaricom family, Hastings county, Ontario

Jan 17, 2002, added census data for 1901 for the Van der Water family, Hastings county, Ontario

Jan 16, 2002, ordered birth registration from England for John Pickering. b. 1884

Jan 16, 2002, ordered birth registration from England for Florence Dockrey, b. 1888

Jan 16, 2002, added military discharge record for Alexander Kyles, 1946.

Jan 16, 2002, added death registrations for Jack Pickering, 1968 and Earl W. VanBlaricom, 1980

Jan 16, 2002, added mother of John Pickering (Francis Tinsley), added siblings to Vera Van der Water.

Jan 15, 2002: added additional information on Vera Kathleen Van der Water

Jan 15, 2002: added additional information on siblings of Trevor Pickering

Jan 15, 2002, added 2 maps of Southwest Scotland (Kirkcudbright) to the MapPage

Jan 15, 2002, added map of Hamilton, Scotland, the marriage location of Albert Kyles and Margaret Johnston in 1919.

Jan 14, 2002, added new information on William and Elizabeth Kyles, (1881, 1891)

Jan 14, 2002, added new information on the Hugh McKinven / Marion Lindsay family (1883)

Jan 13, 2002, ordered marriage registration from Scotland for William Kyles and Elizabeth Doig, 1864

Jan 13, 2002, ordered marriage registration from Scotland for Hugh Alexander McKinven and Marion Lindsay, 1883