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Samuel Winch
Elizabeth Maynard
Joseph Monteney
(Abt 1760-)
Margaret Frank
(Abt 1765-)
Samuel Winch
Elizabeth Monteney
(Abt 1799-1847)
William Winch


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1. Hannah Ellen Cox

2. Bertha Nordby

William Winch 56,115,116,117,118,119,120,121,122,123,124,125,126,127,128,129

bullet   Cause of his death was Endocarditis, probably several years..136


bullet  General Notes:

NOTE that John R Winch as shown as a son of William Winch on the 1910 census, is surely the same person as shown as a stepson on the 1900 census as John Nichols. It would appear that William's second wife Bertha had a son John R Nichols born November of 1891 in Wisconsin as per the John R Winch draft registration card of 1917 and born prior to the marriage of William and Bertha in 1895.
1860 census, Canton twp, Fillmore County, Minnesota

page 111
Samuel Winch, age 63,male, Farmer, value real estate $2000, value personal $300 birth place New York, wife Mary, age 52, son William age 19 Farm Hand, Albert age 17 Farm Hand, Dexter age 16 Farm Hand, Susan age 10. all born New York

(note by jca. this should be Samuel's fourth wife)

1870 census, Burr Oak, Winneshiek, Iowa, page 051

William Winch, age 30, born Canada West,
Hannah age 28 born Indiana,,
Mary E. age 6,
Oliver age 5,
Ida M. age 1.
all children born Iowa.
1880, Census Place:Burr Oak, Winneshiek, Iowa
Source:FHL Film 1254370 National Archives Film T9-0370 Page 23B

Occ:FarmerFa: NYMo: CAN
Occ:Keeping HouseFa: NCMo: NC
Occ:At HomeFa: CANMo: IN
Occ:Work On FarmFa: CANMo: IN
Marey COXMotherLFWW69NC
Fa: NCMo: NC

William Winch age 16 and future wife Hannah Cox age 15 living as close neighbors in Fillmore county of Minnesota as per the 1857 state census.
note James and William Winch are twin brothers.
William Winch first postmaster of Amherst Township and he owned and operated a store in "Stringtown",according to research done provided by researcher H.M. Hegyessy Jr. in 1984.
Note that the N.E. corner of the Burr Oak, Iowa cemetery has a plot purchased by William Winch.. The Cox's are all buried there. Samuel Winch also has a sizeable plot purchased there as well. note by James Anderson of Kelowna , B.C.
copy of a letter from William Winch, Box 55, RFD #3, San Diego, Calif. to Mrs. Clyde Robbins, (Fae Robbins), the historian and genealogist of Tracy, Fillmore County, Minnesota. Letter dated May 15, 1925. this copy sent to James C Anderson from from June Nash Lindquist of 225 Arlington Ave, Berkeley, Calif. and received here May 3, 2001. jca .

(spelling unaltered from the original)

San Diego,
May 15, 1925

Dear Friends

To one and all
received yours photoes and manny thanks for them
you all look verry well indeede yiet wuld not have known you had I met you on the street, but time tells on us all, isppose you folks would not no me if you was to meet me unsuspectedly, wel have you had any more snow storms since, we have it alittle cloudy and col for california for the last weak or more but we always hear of rough weather off in other parts of the country, but our cloudy days does not last long we dont have to ceep the fire agoing to ceep comfortable, we have dug our spuds, have been eating new spuds for some time. carrots peas and other vegitables for some time, we will send you our ugly photoes soon, as we can get them taken, well we thought of some we had taken one up in washington at Snoqualime falls, 2 years ago, we were up on a visit to our sons, now we spent the most of the time camping out in the mountains, we had a very pleasant time, it was good for us, our son had an automobile and took us around sight seeing, so you see we had a verry pleasant time. Snoqualmy falls is a wonderful sight to see, a large river and sutch a heavy sheet of water falling 280 feet in a deap canyon winding its way for many miles away a fine rainbow is seene all the time when the sun shines, our son is living at the falls they have 2 little girls, the other picture was taken in Balboa Park here in the city, a lady friend and hur 14 year son was down from washington they spent a weak or 10 days with us and she had a camera and took it in the park, now in regard to those questions I have answered I would not vouch as for there being all of them being rite up to the year day and date, but have gave it my careful thoughtful study cince receiving them from you and it is the best I can do for you, you see the moste of it hapened while I was verry young, can onley just remember of seeing mother lying in the cofin in the cold icy arms Death and a large company of people gathered there and they took hur away, that was the last of poor mother but I hope to see hur again where parting will be no more. Father went back to Canada in 1855 and went by the way of Painsville, Ohio to see his sister and hur name I think was Patty, and hur son came to us and settled in Minnesota that is the way he came to get aquainted with Mary Dexter, there was arangements made the folks there to ceep hur while she lived as aunt Paty owned the place, Hazelton was their names. Will sende you folks some good photos later on.
with best regards to all from Mr. and Mrs. Winch

Followed by questions posed to William Winch by Fae Robbins, historian and genealogist of Tracy, Minnesota.

Q. Do you know the the names and addresses of any of yur Uncle John's folks in Canada? I would be very glad to get them- if you do..

A. the onley ones I know is my uncle Johns son my cousin Samuel Winch, Lake Simco ontario. you had beter direct to him or anny of the Winch family if known.

Q. I find a Lake Simcoe and a town by the name of Simcoe in Ontario Canada. do you know which place the winches lived?

A.they lived in Lake Simco ontario

Q, Do you ever write to any of your brother's or sister's children- that might know anything about their parents and grandparents? might write to my sister margaret ann Roles, Roseburg, Mishigan She might be able to give you some valuabl informationon the subject, now I have given you all the information I know, and if i hear of anything on the subject that would be of interest to you will gladly let you know wishing you success in your undertaking,
respecfully yours, Wm Winch,
uncle John Winch that lived at Lake Simcoe Canada, his sons name was Samuel Winch, my cousin, he worked for my father, at the olde homestead wheare I was born, in East Gillinsbury, it called, in Canada

Q. Do you remember any uncles or aunts on your father's side except Uncle John Winch, brother to Samuel Winch, Jr ?

A. uncle John Winch that lived at Lake Simcoe Canada, his sons name was Samuel Winch, my cousin, he worked for my father, at the olde homestead wheare I was born, in East Gillinsbury, it called, in Canada

Q.Were you born in Onondaga County, N.Y. and do you know what town was your address at that time? We think that your brother Asel was born July 15, 1822- do know if this is correct. Would also like to know the date of your birth?

A. I was born in the year of 1841 in Canada and our nearest town was Bradford, I think Asel was born in York State, from what I have heard, but this is as far as i know.

Q. Do you know what year you went to Canada from New York state. Did Asel Winch go at the same time- Did he marry his first wife in New York state and was her name Harriet Peg- if he did do you know where they were married and when and where is she buried-

A. Asels first wife name was Harriet Peg, think they were married at the olde homestead in Canada, she dide and was Burried in Maryburrogh township, 12 miles from aensville. I have just found aleter from Asels daughter Lidia giveing the date of his Death, and his age so will sende it you so you have his age correct July 15, 1822
Asels Daughters address
Lydia Bursell
2252 Gatewood St.
Los Angeles, Calif

from what I have hurd from the older sisters Asel was asmall boy when Father moved to East Gilensburry Canada, do not know what year Father moved to Canada he built amill with two upright Sash Saws and run the mill 18 years so I have hurd him say he owned 600 acre of land there the most of the timber was pine and all the land was heavily timbered.
Aprile 20th 25 we had alovely Easter here like June but we have them the year arround, have had no snow nor haile nor gimeycat( spelling?) or tornadoes and but 1 1/2 inches of rain dont neede it we erigate our gardens here with a fifty foot hoes, for garden and house we pay 1.00 per month for water, the sun shines almost all the time we nede fire only to cook and washday.
$15.00 worth of wood runs us ayear, all flours live out in the open the year round, this is my home while I live.

Q. Do you know when your father married his second wife, Rosetta Dafoe- How long did she live- how old were you at the time of the marriage?

A. Father and rossetta dafoe was married in the year 1849 and she dide in 1852 up in the queensbush, I was 8 year olde when they were married. She died in the summer of 1852

Q. Do you know when he married Ann _______ his third wife and what her her last name was- Also do you know when he married his fourth wife- Mary Dexter? Have you any idea how long they lived in Painseville Ohio?

A. he married Ann Mathues, in the spring of 1854 he married Mary Dexter in the spring of 1856 ithink he lived in Painsville five years. She lived longer than did, 2 or 3 years longer

Q. Do you remember of having an Aunt Clara- a sister to John and your father.

A. yes aunt clara often visited us at the olde home stead in East Gillinsbury I was just akid at the time but we loved to see aunt clara,

Q. Do you know whether your grandfather Samuel Sr. died at your Uncle John's home in Canada?

A. no I never saw or hurd of any of our relatives after we left the olde homestead onley cousin Samuel Winch worked for father up in the queensbush in merrybourough township awhile and went back that was the last act...??

the name of the County of either place, the name of the township where we lived in the queens Bush, was maryburrough, a wooded place 6 miles square but queens Bush contained a great manny such places of 6 miles square,
uncle John lived about a days drive from the olde homestead, he lived at Lake Simco, that is all I know about it, being but a kid at that time.
I do not know where any of margaret anns children is,
I do not know what became of his olde papers, or how the Estate of my fathers was settled up as the (over to new page)

it was setled in court at Painsville Ohio his third wife came on and laid in a claim for hur Dowery and succeded in geting it, and the fourth wife sued the estate and got the Balance of the property as she claimed she never knew he had awife liveing at the time of their marriage,
So you might find out to rite to the clerk of the cort at Painsville Ohio,
uncle John belonged to the Advents, my Father belonged to an Eye for an Eye and a tooth for a toth,
wea have not got our pictures taken yiet have been so buisey lydia bursell visited us from Los angelous, the other day.
my regards to all
Wm Winch
1930 census, San Diego, California

San Diego City, California, April 5, 1930
enumeration district 37-201, supervisors district 21, sheet 2B
San Diego City, CA
house number 3829 Newton Avenue, family 46

William Winch, Head of family, home owned, value of home $700, male, white, age last birthday 88, married, age at first marriage: 21, can read and write, born Canada, father born New York, mother born New York, language English, year of immigration: 1859, naturalization: No, speak English: yes, occupation: none , US veteran: No

-, Bertha, wife, female, white, age last birthday: 59, married , age at first marriage: 20, read and write: yes, born England, father born Norway, mother born Germany, language English, year of immigration: 1887, speak English: yes, occupation: none

Obituary, San Diego Union, Thursday, July 23, 1931

Winch, July 20, 1931, William Winch, husband of Bertha Winch, this city, and father of John Winch, Snolqualmie Falls, Wash.; Ida Winch, St. Paul, Minn.; William Winch, Saskatchewan, Canada; Mrs. Mary E Holmes, Devils Lake, Minn., and Oliver Winch, Minn. A native of Canada, age 89 years, 9 months, 6 days. Private services were held at Benbough Funeral Parlours, Seventh and Date Streets., Wednesday at 10. a.m., Cremation Benbough's Crematory

bullet  Research Notes:

Jan 5, 2003
I got the death cerificate and mailed it last Friday. You were right , William Winch died on July 20, 1931. There was only one Winch listed in the San Diego city directory. The librarians were quite helpful and interested in a succesful search. I am attaching a few photos of the 3829 Newton Street address (it no longer exists, therre is a 3811 followed by a 3833). This area is mile or so from the harbour. Homes are nicely maintained. You can see Mexico to the south and the main port to the north west. This should give you an idea of the neighbourhood.
William & Bertha home would have been between the two homes in photo # 001
Edward Slater, San Diego, CA


bullet  Noted events in his life were:

Residence, 1851, Maryborough, Wellington North, Ontario. 134

Immigration, 1853, to USA. 127

Occupation: postmaster, 1860, Amherst, Fillmore cty, Minnesota. 141

Residence, 1860, Canton, Fillmore County, Minn. 133

Residence, 1870, Burr Oak, Winneshiek County, Iowa. 115

Residence, 1880, Burr Oak, Winneshiek County, Iowa. 143

Residence, 1885, Burr Oak, Winneshiek County, Iowa. 144

Divorced: File 303, Decorah Iowa Court House.

Residence, 1900, Snohomish, Washington. 127

Occupation: Farmer, 1910, Snohomish, Washington. 126

Residence: 4032 Logan Ave, 1916, San Diego, CA. 145

Residence: 4032 Logan Ave, 1921, San Diego, CA. 146

Residence: 3829 Newton Ave, 1923, San Diego, CA. 146

Residence: 3829 Newton Av. R.D. 3, Bx 150, 1926, San Diego, CA. 147 Republican

Residence: 3829 Newton Ave, 1928, San Diego, CA. 148 Republican

Residence, 1930, San Diego, CA. 125

Residence: 3829 Newton Avenue, 1931, San Diego, CA. 125,136

Occupation: retired wood dealer, 1931, San Diego, CA. 136


William married Hannah Ellen Cox, daughter of Thomas Cox and Mary Moffitt, on 19 May 1861 in Newburg, Fillmore Cty., Minn., USA 106,107,108,109.,125 (Hannah Ellen Cox was born on 22 Apr 1841 in Thorntown, Boone County, Indiana,149,150,151 died on 22 Jan 1915 in Grafton, N. Dakota, USA 73,152,153,154 and was buried on 25 Jan 1915 in Grafton, N. Dakota, USA 155.). The cause of her death was apoplexy.136

bullet  Marriage Notes:

William Winch and Hannah Ellen Cox were divorced in Iowa and William Winch moved to California. William shows up on the 1930 census living with his second wife Bertha in San Diego at 3829 Newton Ave. His location in 1900, 1910 and 1920 are unknown by me at this time. jca


William next married Bertha Nordby, daughter of James Nordby and Caroline, on 13 Feb 1895 in Snohomish, Washington 126,127,156.,157 (Bertha Nordby was born on 21 Dec 1869 in Hull, Yorkshire,125,126,127,158,159,160 died on 26 Nov 1963 in Edgemoor Hospital, Santee, San Diego County, CA 161 and was buried on 27 Nov 1963 in Cyprus View Crematory, San Diego 161.). The cause of her death was Hypostatic Pneumonia, Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease.136

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