Niels Johansen
(Abt 1754-)
Marit Jacobsdtr.
(Abt 1753-)
Jacob Nielsen
(Abt 1791-)
Marthe Hansdatter
(Abt 1794-1828)
Hans Jacobsen
(1817-After 1885)


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Marit Nielsdtr.

Hans Jacobsen 190,378,379,380,381,382,383,384,385,386,387

  • Born: 27 Oct 1817, Vardal, Oppland, Norway 190,388,389,390
  • Christened: 9 Nov 1817, Vardal, Oppland, Norway 391
  • Marriage: Marit Nielsdtr. on 23 Dec 1839 in Sondre Land, Kristian Cty., Norway 377
  • Died: After 1885, North Dakota??

bullet  General Notes:

Note the almost interchangeable use of name endings of "son" and "sen"
The trend in America and Canada was to change endings to "son"

Hans Jacobsen ENGELIEN same name as his sons came over on the ship "Argo" departure date April 8, 1869 from Sondre Land to Chicago.. at age 52 see Kristiana Politikammer Emigrant Protokoller" Roll 842, page 21, # 346 so born abt 1817.

wife Marit Nilsdtr. Engelien came over at age 50 on the ship "Hero" to Milwaukee.. see Vol 4 1868- 1871 page 470,, came with Martin and Jacob. (age is suspect on this record.. note by jca. should be age 60)

The last farm that Hans Jacobsen worked at was the Engelien farm and that was where Jacob Hanson was born, that would account for the confusion in names.. see the Hans Jacobson family history , including Jacob Hanson and siblings, written by Muriel Scott of Swan River, Manitoba, April 16, 1985.
1865 Census, Kristian County, Sondre Land, LDS Film 123104,
Parish Hof, West and South, farm of Engelien Sondre, House of Hansebokken.

"Engen Farm, (house in back) , Hans Jacobsen , married, age 50, born Lands , Marit Nilsdtr. married, age 56, born Lands. Kristian Hans., unmarried, age 15, Martin Hans., unmarried, age 13, Marte Hansd., unmarried, age 27, and Peder Pederson, unmarried, age 28. , Andreas Petersn. illigit. son , age 2" (note by jca..Marte Hansdr.and Peder Pederson were married on 21 July 1867)
Digitalarkivet: 1865-telling for 0536 Land. , Norway

1676 6 202 Hof vester og søndere Hof Land Hansebakken 1

10047 30 1 Hans Jakobs. Husfader Husmand med Jord g 50 m Lands Prgj. 1/16 1 1/4
10048 31 Marit Nilsd. hans Kone g 56 k Lands Prgj.
10049 32 Kristian Hans. Deres Søn ug 15 m Lands Prgj.
10050 33 Martin Hans. Deres Søn ug 13 m Lands Prgj.
10051 34 Marte Hansd. Deres Datter ug 27 k Lands Prgj.
10052 35 Peter Peders. Inderst ug 28 m Lands Prgj.
10053 1 Andreas Peters. hans uægte Barn ug 2 m Lands Prgj.

1870 census, Onalaska, La Crosse County, Wisconsin
census taken 29th July, 1970

page 23, family 178, living with the Berg family from Sweden.

Hans Jacobsen, age 54 , male, white, farmhand, born in Norway, parents of foreign birth, male citizen of US

(note by jca. The wife of Hans (Marit Nilsdatter) didn't depart Norway until June 23, of 1871) Hans came over in 1869.

1880 Census Place:Onalaska, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Source:FHL Film 1255432 National Archives Film T9-1432 Page 437A , family 315

Occ:FarmerFa: NORMo: NOR
Occ:Keeping HouseFa: NORMo: NOR

(This would seem to be the correct 1880 census record for this couple but only works if the census taker had accidently reversed the ages for them. That is perhaps Hans is 64 and Moret (Marit I hope) is 70 as Marit is supposedly older than Hans according to marriage and christening records in Norway. note by jca anderson)

(Nov 1, 2002, I rechecked the original copy of this 1880 census record and believe the spelling for the wife is "Moret" which is a very good to fit to Marit, and the ages are as shown on the transcribed copies of this record. That is, Hans is shown as age 70 and Moret is shown as age 64. ) I still think it is very likely that this however is the correct census record for our Hans Jacobsen who came over from Norway in 1869 and his wife and two of the sons arriving later in 1871. The 1880 census shows that two sons are in Wisconsin,( Hans C and Martin) , while Jacob and Kristian have moved to N. Dakota. )


1885 Special US Census - Territorial / Voluntary
Source: Copy obtained from North Dakota State University Archives
Place: State of Dakota, County of Traill, Township of Erwin Caledonia
Enumeration. Dist. 13, Supervisors Dist. 2, Page 34
Name RaceSexAgeMonth RelationMarr Occupation Birthplace
Christian HANSON W M 35 --- Self M Occ: Farmer b: NOR Fa: NOR Mo: NOR
Tilda HANSON W F 28 --- Wife M Occ: Housekeeper b: NOR Fa: NOR Mo: NOR
Hagbat HANSON W M 10 --- Son S Occ: --- b: Minn Fa: NOR Mo: NOR
Helmer M. HANSON W M 8 --- Son S Occ: --- b: Minn Fa: NOR Mo: NOR
Martin L. HANSON W M 6 --- Son S Occ: --- b: Dakota Fa: NOR Mo: NOR
Gena C. HANSON W F 4 --- Daughter S Occ: --- b: Dakota Fa: NOR Mo: NOR
Edwin H. HANSON W M 2 --- Son S Occ: --- b: Dakota Fa: NOR Mo: NOR
Christian HANSON W M 4/12 Jan Son S Occ: --- b: Dakota Fa: NOR Mo: NOR
Jacob HANSON * W M 68 --- Father W Occ: Farmer b: NOR Fa: NOR Mo: NOR
Helena OLSON W F 18 --- Boarder S Occ: Housemaid b: Minn Fa: NOR Mo: NOR

(notes below by Melanie Duryea of Regina Sask)
*Name confuses me, is probably transcription error - ?assumption of last name?
*Hans Jacobson Englien did purchase this land from Christian April 1884 then sold it back to Tilda in July 1884 - same year.
* (Warranty Deed Record, Traill County, Dakota SW24 147 50 W5PM obtained from Traill County Court House Deeds)

The following family history of the family of Hans Jacobsen and Marit Nilsdatter, including son Jacob Hanson was prepared by the granddaughter of Jacob Hanson, Mrs. Muriel Scott, of Swan River, Manitoba, and sent to James Clinton Anderson of Kelowna B.C. Canada, on April 16, 1985.

"Our Hanson ancestors came from Kristian County, Norway. My grandfather , Jacob Hanson's people, lived in Sondre Land farming Bjorlien farm, Schieslien farm and lastly Engelien farm where grandfather was born on January 30, 1849.
His father was, Hans Jacobson, born 1817 at Schieslien farm. Hans married Marit Nilsdatter on December 23, 1839 at Fluberg Parish in Sondre Land. They had six children, Marte born February 12, 1940, Hans Christian born May 16, 1842, Nikolina born January 1, 1845, Jacob (my grandfather) born January 30, 1849, Kristian born February 14, 1851 and Martin born November 26, 1853.
The need for security caused them all to come to America where homesteads were available. They came to Wisconsin and worked for some time. Church records state that Jacob and Martin resigned the church in Norway in 1871 and left for America. All six of them came to Wisconsin living near La Crosse and Ettrick.
Hans Christian came in 1872 followed by his wife Mathia and six year old daughter, Mathia, in 1874. I don't know when brother, Kristian and sister Marte, and sister Nikolina with her baby girl, Mathilda, arrived but the two sisters stayed permanently near La Crosse, Wisconsin. They were widows but both remarried. Marte became Mrs. Johnson and Nikolina's second marriage was Lars Larson. They were happy and content in the new land. Mathilda married a Torgeson and Oscar and Alfred were their children. After the death of her first husband Nikolina's daughter, Mathilda married Chris Moe and they lived north of Ketchen, Saskatchewan.
All the brothers and sisters of grandfather, Jacob, were married. Jacob married Caroline Ellingson at the French Creek Lutheran Church near Ettrick, Wisconsin, on March 5, 1880. You can go to this church and see the records signed by Jacob and Caroline over a hundred years ago!
Caroline Ellingson born October 21, 1862, Ringsaker Parish, Norway (see letter).
Jacob and Caroline went west to Hillsboro, North Dakota where they farmed and here their children were born. They were Martin born 1881, Elling born 1882, Gusta Marie( my mother) born 1883, Christine born 1887, and Joseph born 1890.
Jacob's brother , Kristian, and his large family also farmed at Hillsboro, Kristian had nine sons and one daughter.
Both these families came to Canada and stayed in Saskatchewan. Jacob at Preeceville and Kristian at Nut Lake, near Archerville.
Hans Christian and his wife lived mostly in Wisconsin, only briefly farming near Lady Lake (Astwood P.O. ). Some of their children came to Canada but only Chris Hanson and family stayed. Nellie, Chris Hanson's wife, was a daughter of Nikolina and Lars Larson. Hans Christian and Mathia lost many of their children during an epidemic. Only Mathia, Anton, Christian and Magnus reached adulthood. Even then Anton died at age twenty.
Magnus and family lived in Saskatchewan for awhile. I remember them living on the Raglan farm about a mile north of Joseph Hanson's land.
Nikolina and Lar's two sons, Robert and Martin Larson, came to Canada. Martin Larson, his wife Mulla (spell error, actually Malla, editor's note) and their children, farmed west of Sturgis, Saskatchewan.
I must tell you the little I know about Jacob's brother, Martin. He must have married before Jacob because the 1880 census of Wisconsin states he, at that time, had a wife named Sarah and that they had a two year old daughter, Mary.
Jacob's sister, Marte's only child had no children."

Letter from Andreas Pettersen, N-2713, Ringelia, Norway, phone 061 27037 dated Ligarda, Feb 3, 1986

Dear sir:
My name is Andreas Pettersen, I am a 75 years old, retired forester.
I got your letter etc etc. re Hans Jacobsen and Marit Nieldstr. etc etc.

"We are very interested in Hans Jacobsen and his descendents life and destiny after they emigrated to USA, we would very much appreciate it if you could write us and tell us some histories about Hans. Local historical Hans Jacobsen is a well known person here in this district, Ligarda. Here he is known as "ElgHans" ="MooseHans" or "Storelgen"= " The big Moose". His son Hans Christian Hansen, was called "VesleElgen"= "The small moose", even though he was bigger than his father. Hans Jacobsen got his petname because his great interest in bear and moosehunting.. He was several times punished for illegal hunting.
The social relations were very bad in Norway in the last century, and many people in this district wanted to be as clever as Hans in hunting, because he got food for himself and his family. there are also several stories about him, telling how kind he was giving away meat and fish to old and poor neighbours who was not so clever in hunting and fishing.
Hans Jacobsen had some friends here in Norway who was in contact with him after his emigration to USA. Among these were the farmer in Northern Engelien, Svend Hansen Engelien, born 1821. Hans Jacobsen, maybe also Hans Christian Hansen and Svend Hansen Engelien wrote letters to each other, but these letters are gone.
But luckily we have two photos belonging to Kolbjorn Engelien. We assume that one of them shows Hans Jacobsen and Marit Nilsdtr. and the other Hans Christian Hansen. We send you copies.
There are many stories about "Elghans" and his sons. They were very strong and able to walk in the woods for days. We call such people "Skoggangsmenn" = "Men walking in the woods". My grandfather Andreas Olsen Grandgaard born 1822 was also hunting together with Hans Jacobsen.
As far as we know Hans Jacobsen has no descendents here in Norway. But we assume that Marit Nilsdtr's sister Karen born 1823 got some children and has many descendents here.
We hope to hear from you soon....etc etc.. If any of Hans Jacobsen's relatives should come to Norway you are welcome to visit our homes..
I have many relatives in USA myself.. Especially in Wisconsin and Minnesota.. Some of them have visited us several times the last 10 years.
Yours sincerely,

Andreas Pettersen

(editor's note: the photo was later identified by the family as actually being of Nicoline Hansdtr. and her husband Lars Larsen, photo was taken in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.... jca)
__________________________________________________ 385

bullet  Research Notes:

Maybe Hans Jacobsen wasnt born in Vardal after all. This really needs to be looked at further. The 1865 census for Hans Jacobsen shows him to be born in Lands, where he got married in 1839 and raised a family, which also co-oincides with family lore. jca


bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Fathers name, 23 Dec 1839, Jacob Nilsen On Hans Jacobsen Marriage.

• Residence, 1865, Hof Parish, Sondre Land, Kristian County, Norway. 396

• Residence, 1870, Onalaska, La Crosse, WI. 190

• Residence, 1885, Erwin Caledonia twp, Traill County, N.Dakota. 397 State of Dakota, County of Traill, Township of Erwin Caledonia
(on the 1885 census . shows up as Jacob Hanson, age 68 living with son Christian Hanson)


Hans married Marit Nielsdtr., daughter of Niels Nielsen and Kari Guldbrandsdtr., on 23 Dec 1839 in Sondre Land, Kristian Cty., Norway.377 (Marit Nielsdtr. was born on 26 Oct 1811 in Schieslien Farm, Sondre Land, Kristian, Norway 205,398,399, christened on 24 Nov 1811 in Hoff Parish, Sondre Land, Kristian Cty., Norway and died in 1880-1885 400.)

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